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With Our New Hybrid Solution, You can remove the hassles of recruiting and cut your cost of Hiring up to 50%... with bi-lingual, recruiter-quality talent that most U.S. companies could only dream of scouting.

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How Savvy U.S Companies Hire Top Recruiter-Quality Bookkeepers at Half The Cost

With Zero Risk of Wasting Money and Time on Low-Quality Candidates that Don’t Fit The Bill…

Right now, thousands of Latin American bookkeepers who’ve worked in companies such as JP Morgan, Citi Group, Salesforce, ExxonMobile, and other top U.S. firms are now up for hire.

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“Street-smart” U.S. accounting firms, agencies, and bookkeeping firms are taking advantage of this new opportunity.

But instead of relying on


<span class="text-color-blue">Savvy U.S. employers are now turning to "Near's" new hybrid solution.</span>

If you’re looking to hire the best remote bookkeepers while saving precious time and money (and maintaining your sanity in the hiring process!) then keep reading.
Because the truth is, in today’s economy…

Hiring off-shore might be the ONLY viable option to keep your costs down and your business growing.

But despite knowing this fact, many U.S. employers will never end up with the talent that meets their expectations.

And in many cases, it could simply be because...

  • You’ve been sourcing from the wrong countries.
  • You don’t have the time or resources to spend on finding, vetting and interviewing hundreds of potential candidates.
  • You’re not sure where to start looking for truly experienced off-shore talent.
  • Or maybe you just didn’t know that hiring off-shore was an option.

And even if you’ve tried hiring off-shore before, or maybe even tried to hire LatAm applicants, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced some common pitfalls first-hand...

  • You hire someone only to have them quit soon after.
  • Your new hire needs constant hand-holding.
  • He or she is way too expensive for a remote hire.
  • You find your new hire is unable to communicate effectively with you or other teammates.
  • After hiring a bookkeeper you’re surprised to learn they don’t know US GAAP.
  • You’ve just paid top dollar for a hire and they’re simply subpar.
  • Or worse still, you pay money and don’t end up hiring anyone at all, leaving you out of pocket.

If you’ve found yourself agreeing with any of what you’ve read so far, then I’ve got some good news for you.
What if I told you...

There’s One GUARANTEED Way to Easily Hire The Top Bookkeepers From Latin America...

With ZERO risk of losing money. Best of all, you’ll save countless hours of your time in the process.
Imagine you could...

  • Get hand-picked applications of rising talent and experienced bookkeepers delivered to you, without having to source talent or interview candidates.
  • Finally eliminate all the headaches by having talent that is self-sufficient and does not need you to hand-hold them at every step.
  • Not only do you get peace of mind knowing you’re saving money and time, but you can be sure the new hires are vested in your company and will help your business grow.
  • Rest assured that your LatAm remote bookkeepers are motivated to learn and be valuable additions to the team for the long run.

All without breaking the bank, knowing you’re getting U.S. standard employees at a fraction of the cost.
And it's all made possible with...

a Unique Platform We’ve Built From The Ground Up
For U.S. Employers Like You

That combines the ease of job boards with the quality of hand-picked recruiting, giving U.S. firms a revolutionary new hiring experience.

And it’s changing the way U.S. employers hire LatAm talent.

Tom ElliottTom Elliott
Tom Elliott
Vice President of Product Management
I actually ran ads at the same time on We Work Remotely and RemoteOK, and it was shocking to see the difference.

With Near’s unique system...

  • You’re Guaranteed to hire, so you don’t have to worry about spending money and getting nothing back.
  • Transparent and cost-effective pricing that’s far cheaper than using recruiters, who work slow and often surprise you with hidden charges
  • Highly skilled and experienced LatAm talent that we hand-pick for you, who are highly qualified and 50x higher quality than candidates you’ll find on job boards.
  • Less hassle, less effort, and less time on your part, because we do the heavy lifting for you, (plus we work fast!)
  • You save anywhere from 33% to 50% on hiring costs as compared to hiring in the US.

But Are Latin American Bookkeepers REALLY That Good?

But Are Latin American Bookkeepers REALLY That Good?

Studies show: Latin American talent is just as competent, and oftentimes more hardworking than U.S. employees.

Just recently a group of 750 Latin American employees participated in a research study conducted by data scientists at "correlation-one".

The results were surprising!

Their assessment scores were nearly identical to that of North American candidates.

But after doing a qualitative analysis, researchers found that LatAm participants were just as, if not more, hard-working, creative, and enterprising as their US counterparts. (1)

That’s why it’s no surprise that many of the top companies in the U.S are actively hiring Latin American Talent.

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Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • U.S. companies love the fact that LatAm bookkeepers often work in the same time zone as them.
  • LatAm Bookkeepers have a much higher standard of education, compared to the talent found in other countries.
  • U.S. companies find LatAm employees to have a work ethic and values that match their own
  • All LatAm talent we scout are Bi-Lingual, and more importantly, their English writing and communication skills are always exceptional
  • Most bookkeepers we scout already have experience working with U.S. companies, and they understand the corporate culture.

Top companies such as [biggest name clients here] and countless more have now switched to Near for all their hiring needs.

Tom ElliottTom Elliott
Tom Elliott
Vice President of Product Management
I actually ran ads at the same time on We Work Remotely and RemoteOK, and it was shocking to see the difference.
Deanna HuntDeanna Hunt
Deanna Hunt
Global Senior Sales Recruiter
Metabolic Living
Not only did we double the size of our sales force in four short months, we found top talent.
John KennedyJohn Kennedy
John Kennedy
Founder / CEO
Mesa Cloud
We were determined to work with global talent in our local time zone, and Near has been a fantastic way to find talented Latin American team members.

If you’re anything like the hundreds of U.S. employers that have benefited from LatAm talent that we’ve scouted for them, then get started with Near today.

Now’s The Time To Take Advantage Of The Boom In Remote LatAm Talent... Or Risk Missing Out

The sudden rise of qualified LatAm talent has U.S. employers taking notice and that leaves a big risk for late-comers.

Even now, many U.S. companies are scrambling to secure the top bookkeepers. So with the demand high and the supply soon to be running short, you don’t want to be left behind.

Finding the best of the best and then getting them on-board with you (especially when there’s so much of your competition doing the same thing) is not easy.

That’s why we do the leg work for you and leverage our platform and experience to get you the talent that will truly grow your business.

And with U.S. market rates rising due to the economic situation...

There’s really no better time to get started than right now.

Hire Top LatAm 

How Does It Work?

We've cultivated a database of over ten thousand potential candidates who are fully vetted and qualified. This includes experienced bookkeepers with excellent skills and knowledge of U.S. GAAP.

When you get started with Near today, your job post will be submitted and you’ll have access to our platform where you can begin receiving work applications.

But here’s what makes Near unique...

Unlike using job boards you’ll also be assigned a designated recruiter who will painstakingly filter applications so you get the very best recommendations twice per week.

What’s more, our In-house recruitment team will actively source additional candidates beyond those who apply.

Our recruiters will even go out and scout talent that’s not on our platform yet, to make certain you get the perfect candidates for your job.

Most of all, Near guarantees your hiring success, something that no recruiter or platform will do.

Your Hiring Success – Guaranteed

Unlike other recruiting platforms, we guarantee you a hire.

That means no matter what, we’ll find the right candidate for your needs, so you never have to risk your money when working with Near.

That’s not all. We’ll go one step further and guarantee your hiring satisfaction for 20 days after you’ve hired one of our top-quality bookkeepers.

So you can assess the performance of your new hire for a whole 20 days before making your final decision.

There’s absolutely no risk involved when using Near.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started with us today and we’ll find the perfect candidate for you - GUARANTEED

With Our New Hybrid Solution, You can remove the hassles of recruiting and cut your cost of Hiring up to 50%... with bi-lingual, recruiter-quality talent that most U.S. companies could only dream of scouting.

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