Referral Coordinator at Safety Wing


As a Referral Coordinator at Safety Wing, you will play a vital role in managing our referral program and cultivating partnerships with referral partners to drive business growth.


  • Manage Referral Partners
  • Coordinate Payouts
  • Analyze Referral Data
  • Develop Referral Campaigns
  • Build Relationships with Partners

Required Skills, Tools, and Years of Experience

We are seeking candidates with at least 3 years of experience in marketing and a degree in Marketing or related field. Proficiency in CRM software and strong communication skills are essential for this role.


  • Remote Job
  • Flexible Hours
  • Goal-Oriented Team
  • Bonus per New Referral Signed

Working Hours

We operate on a flexible schedule to accommodate different time zones.

Our Work Culture

At Safety Wing, we foster a collaborative and innovative work environment where creativity and teamwork are valued. We encourage professional growth and offer opportunities for personal development.

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