Business Manager at Acorn


Acorn is seeking a highly qualified and experienced Business Manager to join our team. The Business Manager will be responsible for managing projects, collaborating with vendors, banks, and architects, recording bank and credit card transactions, reconciling statements, entering and processing vendor bills, preparing tax returns, and ensuring accurate financial records. The ideal candidate will have English and Spanish language skills, project management experience, and a background in finance and administration.


  • Manage projects and collaborate with vendors, banks, and architects
  • Record bank and credit card transactions utilizing QuickBooks online
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Enter and process vendor bills
  • Prepare US individual and business tax returns
  • Communicate with the manager to ensure that all financial records are accurate
  • Assist with ad-hoc projects as needed

Required Skills, Tools, and Years of Experience:

  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Project management experience
  • Financial and administrative experience


  • Flexible work hours

Working Hours with Time Zone:

The working hours for this position are [insert working hours] in [insert time zone].

Our Work Culture:

At Acorn, we foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture that values teamwork, innovation, and personal growth. We encourage open communication, creativity, and continuous learning.

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