Co-Founder and President
Video / Software
Hired Job Title
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Candidate Country
Salary Range
$70K - $190K
Time to Hire
11 days

We all know that hiring, and especially hiring engineers, is one of the most challenging aspects of running a startup. It takes a long time, it can be hard to find qualified candidates & there are so many different recruiting solutions to choose from. That’s why we’re so happy about Apollo350’s success story with Near. 

Apollo 350 is a software consulting startup led by hands-on tech executives who launched and grew massive platforms with billions of monthly views, including LinkedIn Video, VEVO, and Condé Nast Entertainment.

After posting their role on Near, they received so many qualified applicants that they ended up closing the position before filling it because there were too many choices. The team at Apollo350 was able to successfully hire from our pool of talented applicants in just 11 days.

So how was Apollo350 able to hire remotely from Latin America so easily with Near?

  1. They listed a salary range — Companies who list a salary range on Near receive 4x as many Latin American job applicants for their job post on Near
  2. They had a great job description — Apollo350’s job description got Near candidates excited about the idea of working remotely from Latin America for a US startup
  3. They actively reviewed candidates and ran a strong hiring process — By logging into Near everyday and reviewing candidates, Apollo350 was able to keep candidates engaged through their entire process and hire in just 11 days

You can land incredible applicants for your job post by posting a role on Near today.

See Janet Kim’s (co-founder of Apollo350) testimonial below:

At Apollo 350, we try to find the most talented software engineers for our team. We have a challenging interview process with several technical interviews. We received over 250 applications and we were able to find an amazing engineer through Near after only 2 weeks of our job being active.

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