Dura Software

Conor Chamness
Head of Corp Dev
Software / Finance
Hired Job Title
Corp Dev Associate
Candidate Country
Salary Range
Time to Hire
1.5 Weeks

Dura Software is a c-corp accumulator & operator of small software businesses with a permanent hold model. In 2018, they set out to create the “next Constellation Software” by building a capital efficient, large operating company built of small but very attractive and profitable “hyper-niche” B2B software assets.

In Q1 2021, Dura’s Corporate Development team was looking to grow, but had trouble finding the right candidate for their Associate role. They posted a job on LinkedIn and Indeed, leveraged recruiters, and considered using an outsourcing firm to hire candidates from Mexico. The team needed someone with sales operations experience, financial chops & a willingness to dig deep on analysis while maintaining a “30,000 foot perspective” on the acquisitions market.

When Conor Chamness, Dura’s Head of Corporate Development, heard about Near, he was excited to give it a go. Coincidentally, Dura was also looking to expand their mandate to include Latin America, so finding an Associate living in South America was an exciting prospect.

Two days after posting the role on Near, the Corp Dev role had over 50 qualified applicants. Within 1.5 weeks, Rodrigo had gone through 3 interviews and Dura made him an offer to join the team.

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