Metabolic Living

Metabolic Living
Sales Representative
Health & Wellness
Hired Job Title
Sales Representative
Candidate Country
Mexico & Costa Rica
Salary Range
Time to Hire
45 days


"During our 2021 mass hiring campaign focusing on sales representatives, HireWithNear was a fantastic compliment and solution for our overall hiring strategy. Not only did we double the size of our sales force in four short months, we found top talent from the site. We will be partnering with HireWithNear again for the 2022 recruitment year. Five Stars!"

About Company

Metabolic Living’s vision is to make their metabolism-first lifestyle become the worldwide standard for healthy living so you can feel, look and perform your best every day. Their goal is to grow their $60MM, 100+ team into a beloved billion-dollar multi-channel brand by 2023.


With their ambitious goal to grow rapidly through 2023, Deanna and her team came to Near looking for all-star sales reps to bolster their sales team. They loved the idea of expanding their “remote hiring” horizons, and they were especially excited about Latin America and all of the awesome candidate profiles on Near.

Hires Made

Metabolic Living decided to renew their 30-day job post for an additional month and made 2 hires on Near. Both of the hires they made had multiple years of work experience, with one living in Mexico and the other living in Costa Rica.

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