Adam Kolojejchick-Kotch
Strategy & BizOps Associate
Real Estate Tech
Hired Job Title
Strategy & BizOps Associate
Candidate Country
Salary Range
$25K - $45K
Time to Hire
3.5 Weeks

PadSplit, a Public Benefit Corporation, is a socially-oriented startup based in Atlanta, providing affordable housing to working people. The company helps landlords expand revenue by increasing the number of liveable spaces in apartments, and decreases rent for tenants who book rooms by the week on the marketplace.

We connected with Adam (Head of Strategy and Operations) and Jon (CTO) at PadSplit to overview Near and explain the benefits of hiring remote talent from Latin America. After our pitch, they were excited.

Considering they had been looking for a Strategy & Ops Associate for a few months to no avail, they decided to give Near a shot.

The team received over 50 applications in the first 3 weeks of their job post going up. Since posting, PadSplit has hired 2 different Near candidates for this role. They are planning to continue hiring with Near any time they make a remote hire in the future.

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