WellNest Professional Cleaning

WellNest Professional Cleaning hired for their Customer Support team on Near!
Professional Cleaning
Hired Job Title
Customer Operations Associate
Candidate Country
Salary Range
$16k - $20k
Time to Hire
30 days

About Company

At Near, we love helping small businesses hire amazing remote talent, so helping WellNest hire from our candidate pool was an awesome opportunity. WellNest is a professional cleaning firm that provides the most thorough, evidence-based green cleaning in Northern Virginia. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction, which is why they’ve grown almost entirely through word-of-mouth and referrals.

Philippines vs. LatAm for Customer Support

Like many companies evaluating offshore hiring, WellNest had considered the Philippines to hire on their Customer Support team. However, they were concerned about the difference in time zones. Even if their teammates in the Philippines worked US hours, the WellNest team felt that it wouldn't be sustainable for their team members in the long term.

There are a host of benefits to hiring in LatAm. For Customer Support, those benefits include:

  1. LatAm talent works in the same time zones
  2. LatAm talent on Near are bilingual in English and Spanish or English and Portuguese which is a big advantage for supporting more customers
  3. LatAm talent often have a similar social and working culture to the US

For those reasons, WellNest was excited to hire on Near in Latin America.


WellNest was looking for someone to assist their Customer Support department, and felt that having a bilingual, remote employee would be a great asset to the team. Phil, WellNest’s CEO, posted a Customer Operations Assistant position on Near.

Before posting, Phil had two main questions for us:

  1. He wanted to know if they were able to hire and pay the candidate directly, rather than paying Near as the employer of record. The answer? YES! When you hire on Near, you hire candidates as if they were remote employees in the U.S. and we set you up with our partners like Deel or OnTop.ai to help with payroll and compliance.
  2. The team was looking for someone to start out at 20 hours, and eventually scale up to Full Time at 40 hours per week. Phil was wondering if they could post the Part Time role to start. The answer was also YES! You can post for Part Time, Full Time, Contractor and Internship roles on Near.

Hires Made

WellNest’s Operations Assistant role got 33 applications in under 30 days! The team made a hire and is super happy with their experience on Near!

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