The Executive’s Guide to Hiring the Top 1% of Remote Talent in 21 Days

Scaling your team doesn't have to be a struggle. Discover practical strategies to solve your most complex hiring challenges.

Learn the 3-step approach that has helped 500+ US companies build high-performing remote teams. Access the step-by-step blueprint to acquire and retain elite global talent – Fast and cost-effectively.

Trusted by great businesses like:
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Trusted by great businesses like:
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HotjarExpensifyChili Piper
HotjarExpensifyChili Piper
HotjarExpensifyChili Piper

Boost Remote Hiring With a Proven Blueprint

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  • Learn the key shift to triple your A-player applicants.
  • Unlock the 7-stage hiring process used by 500+ leading US firms to hire the top 1% remote talent in 21 days.
  • Maximize your team's potential from day one with the 3 critical elements of successful onboarding.
  • Learn about the systems you need to implement to retain candidates 3x longer.
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  • Overcome hiring budget limitations and streamline cost-effective talent acquisition.
  • Hire candidates that are a great fit culturally and skill-wise.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by building an unmatched, highly skilled remote team.
  • Keep up with the new job market expectations and remote team management best practices.
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With This Blueprint, You'll be Empowered To

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Access Expert Insights and Actionable Resources

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  • Expert tips for successful remote screening.
  • A comparison chart of the best places to source remote talent.
  • 4-part checklist for an outstanding onboarding.
  • Actionable headache-free payroll checklist.
  • Remote retention checklist.
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