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No recruiters. No middlemen. Hire great, English-speaking talent with Near.

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Near is trusted by leading companies across the U.S.

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Near is trusted by leading companies companies across the globe

Hire candidates directly for a flat-posting fee in under 30 days

Don't deal with the hassle of an EOR or pay ludicrous %-based recruiter fees

Win-Win on Salaries

Desired salaries are often above local markets and below US market since candidates earn in dollars and have a lower cost of living

English-Speaking Candidates

Candidates are pre-vetted for their English skill level

Money-Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with candidates in the first 20 days? Get a full refund

U.S. Time Zones

Candidates work in your time zone unlike other offshore locations

Get Started For Free

3700+ active candidates across LatAm + Mexico

Candidates have experience across several in-demand disciplines

Candidates have 0-15+ years of experience at reputable international companies

Employers like you have success with Near every day

From startups to accounting firms and everything in-between, Near makes remote hiring a breeze

“Dura set a 2021 objective to hire sales and finance talent in LatAm. We tried a few services, but had trouble finding quality candidates before Near. It was a super low-risk, high ROI way to source talent, and we made a hire in under 2 weeks. I recommend Near to anyone hiring remote talent, especially in LatAm."

Conor Chamness
Head of Corp Dev
Dura Software
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We connected with Adam to overview Near and explain the benefits of hiring remote talent from Latin America. PadSplit posted a Strategy & Ops Associate role and received over 50 apps in the first 3 weeks. The team hired 2 candidates for the role and plan to continue hiring with Near for all future offshore roles due to the quality of talent and convenient time zones.

Adam Kolojejchick-Kotch
Head of Strategy & Operations
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Near vs. Others

Hire offshore like you do remote US employees. Unlike others, you own the relationship.

How companies hire remote talent from LatAm

Near vs. Offshore Service Providers

Offshore provider talent can leave whenever they want & the service provider can change prices at their discretion.

Near vs. UpWork and Freelancers

UpWork freelancers work on a project basis and are typically more expensive. Most folks don't want to work full time.

Near vs. Recruiters and Job Boards

Recruiters charge high %-based placement fees and other job boards do not have a huge community of pre-vetted talent ready to work at U.S. companies.

Near vs. Offshore Service Providers

Offshore Service Providers exercise discriminatory pricing power and take a large cut of the hourly rate they charge you.

Not to mention, the folks you work with can leave the offshore firm whenever they want.

With Near, you have a direct relationship with candidates and offer a comp package like you would for any Full-Time hire.

Near vs. UpWork

UpWork is great for project-based work, but is simply not a platform to find Full-Time teammates.

UpWork freelancers work with tons of clients and often spread themselves thin across several projects. Companies often find that a freelancer who did an incredible job on one project may dedicate less time or effort to future engagements.

UpWork also charges expensive fees and freelancers typically charge a higher rate than they would for Full-Time work.

Near candidates are hard-working and want Full-Time jobs at growing U.S. companies and firms.

Near vs. Recruiters and Job Boards

Unlike other job boards, Near vets candidates for their English-level. Our customers are consistently impressed with the quality of Near candidates. One reason candidates on Near are so impressive is that they learned English as a second language to get a leg up on the competition — in Latin America, a good English level is a signal for ambitious talent.

Near enables companies to hire Full-Time teammates from LatAm directly — that means you are the employer of record.

Your new team members work in US time zones, unlike contractors and freelancers in the Philippines, Eastern Europe and India.

You also don’t need to worry about recruiter fees with Near. We charge a flat-fee to post a job with us.

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