Best remote staffing agencies

The 15 Best Remote Staffing Agencies for Hiring Remote Workers

Discover how a remote staffing agency can help your business and explore our list of the 15 best firms for hiring remote workers.

The 15 Best Remote Staffing Agencies for Hiring Remote Workers


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Adding remote workers to your staff can be an attractive solution if you’re looking to support and augment your in-house team. Without geographical restraints, you can target top talent worldwide and leverage other benefits, like lower overhead and increased productivity. 

But without a dedicated recruitment team or boots on the ground in other countries, how can you find qualified candidates outside your area? 

A remote staffing agency is dedicated to sourcing, screening, and sometimes interviewing professionals you might otherwise not be able to reach. 

This article will explain the process these agencies use, list the benefits of working with one, and help you choose the right remote staffing partner by exploring 15 of the best agencies for US-based businesses. 

What Does a Remote Staffing Agency Do?

A remote staffing agency operates as a bridge between companies looking to hire remote professionals and talent located in various geographical locations. 

Its services are pivotal for businesses seeking to diversify and reinforce their workforce with remote employees. Here are the tasks these staffing agencies can typically handle for your company:

Talent acquisition and sourcing

Remote staffing agencies use their extensive networks and resources to scour the job market for potential candidates who meet a company’s criteria.

They usually have access to a broader and more diverse talent pool than companies can reach locally, and they use various platforms and channels to attract candidates from around the world.

Screening and assessment

These agencies are responsible for the initial stages of the remote hiring process, which include:

  • Reviewing resumes
  • Performing background checks
  • Assessing the qualifications and experience of each candidate

By vetting applicants, they’re able to present only the most promising professionals to the company for consideration.

Initial interviews

For many positions, remote staffing agencies conduct preliminary interviews to gauge the candidate’s suitability, communication skills, and work ethic. This phase can include both technical evaluations and soft skills assessments, which are crucial for remote collaboration.

Coordination and support

Once potential candidates are identified, remote staffing agencies coordinate the initial communication between job seekers and hiring companies. They may arrange interviews, provide necessary background information, and help with negotiations once the business makes an offer.

Compliance and payroll management

Staffing agencies often handle the complex legal and administrative challenges associated with international employment, such as managing payroll, taxes, and compliance with local employment laws and regulations.

A remote worker working in his living room

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Remote Staffing Agency?

Working with a remote staffing agency provides various advantages, making hiring remote employees smoother and more efficient. Here are the key benefits of outsourcing staffing and recruiting:

Access to talent across the globe

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with a remote staffing firm is tapping into a global talent network. These agencies can help you find the best candidates worldwide, ensuring that your company secures top-notch professionals.

Time and cost savings

Recruiting can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when sourcing candidates from different countries.

Remote staffing agencies streamline this challenging process and handle most of the legwork, allowing you to save on the operational costs and internal resources that you’d otherwise require for recruiting efforts.

Expert recruitment knowledge

Staffing agencies specialize in recruitment. They have the expertise and experience to identify the ideal candidates for a given role quickly and effectively. This knowledge is especially beneficial for understanding the nuances of remote work and the skills required to excel in such roles.

Faster hiring process

Remote staffing agencies can significantly speed up the hiring process because they already have a pool of pre-vetted candidates ready for you to consider. This allows your company to fill positions more promptly than if you were to handle the process in-house.

What Are the 15 Best Remote Staffing Agencies?

Many staffing agencies excel in connecting businesses with skilled remote workers, but each has its own niche or specialization. To help you choose a remote staffing agency that best suits your company, we’ve curated a list of 15 excellent options, presented in no particular order. 

1. Near

Let’s kick it off with—us! At Near, we offer a full-service solution for hiring remote workers in Latin America (LatAm). We have a pool of more than 35,000 pre-vetted candidates waiting to join your team, meaning you can fill any position within 21 days. 

Hire remote for a broad range of roles, such as:

Because of the lower cost of living in LatAm, our candidates have lower salary expectations without compromising the quality of work. 

2. Toptal

Toptal has gained a reputation for quality by strictly vetting the freelancers who join its platform. The hiring process is simple: Clients submit their project requirements, and Toptal matches them with candidates who fit their needs, usually within 24 hours. 

Toptal’s rigorous screening process includes language and personality tests, in-depth skill reviews, and live screening exercises, ensuring that it delivers qualified professionals who are not just skilled but also excel in a remote work environment.

3. Upwork

As one of the largest and most well-known platforms for freelancers, Upwork gives businesses access to millions of professionals from around the globe. The platform covers a range of industries and skills, from tech and IT to creative writing and customer service. 

Upwork offers a user-friendly platform where employers can post jobs, review applications, and conduct interviews. You can choose to hire talent on an hourly or fixed-rate basis, and its in-built work diary system helps you track billed time. 

4. prides itself on being more than just an online job board; it’s a resource that provides insights, tips, and best practices for both employers and remote professionals.

It’s known for its well-curated list of available positions in various fields, like customer service, development, writing, and HR.’s goal is to help employers find long-term remote workers rather than freelancers looking for short-term contracts.

5. FlexProfessionals

FlexProfessionals connects businesses with seasoned professionals seeking part-time or flexible work arrangements. It specializes in sourcing candidates in various fields, including finance, marketing, project management, and administrative support.

FlexProfessionals is particularly suited to companies needing experienced talent for part-time or project-based remote roles.

6. Robert Half

Robert Half is a renowned staffing agency with a robust remote staffing division. With deep industry connections and a history of successful placements, it can quickly mobilize resources to meet your remote staffing needs. 

Its consultants diligently handle each step of the hiring process, from defining job requirements to negotiating work terms, ensuring a smooth transition into your remote team structure.

Female remote worker, working outside looking over her shoulder

7. Artisan Talent

Artisan Talent focuses on the creative sector, helping companies find remote professionals in design, marketing, and copywriting. This agency takes the time to understand both the companies’ needs and the candidates’ strengths, ensuring a perfect match.

With Artisan Talent, businesses have the support of a partner who looks at how well a candidate’s creative vision aligns with their business goals.

8. CyberCoders

CyberCoders is a top-tier recruiting agency utilizing cutting-edge technology and experienced recruiters to track down the best fit for your remote IT positions. Its proprietary IntelliSearch system helps companies to more easily find high-quality talent that aligns with their long-term mission.

9. NoDesk

While not a recruitment agency per se, NoDesk provides a powerful tool for companies to find talent actively seeking new remote job opportunities. By leveraging NoDesk’s extensive job listings, businesses can streamline their recruitment process and quickly connect with professionals equipped for remote work.

10. DistantJob

DistantJob specializes in remote recruitment, especially within the technology sector. This agency is committed to finding full-time, high-performing remote employees. 

Its rigorous selection process includes technical assessments and cultural fit interviews, ensuring that companies receive candidates who are not only skill-matched but also ready to integrate into the remote work culture.

11. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely claims to be the biggest community on the web for remote work, where companies can tap into a wide array of professionals adapted to the remote work lifestyle. 

The platform allows businesses to reach skilled candidates who are experienced in working independently and often industry leaders in their respective fields.

12. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations provides a comprehensive service for companies looking to hire remote employees. It understands the importance of matching the right individual with the right role and offers various resources, including a telecommuting handbook, to ensure both employers and employees succeed in the remote work environment.

13. Remote OK

Remote OK is one of the most popular remote job boards. It enables companies to find high-quality candidates quickly due to its large pool of over two million remote workers. The platform caters to all industries and business sizes, making it easy to post jobs and connect with prospective candidates.

14. Remote Talent

Remote is a recruiting firm that secures high-quality candidates for remote positions in various sectors. With its hands-on approach to staffing, it delivers qualified remote talent that is ready to thrive in a remote working environment.

15. Pangian

Pangian’s mission is to connect companies with some of the most talented and dedicated remote professionals from around the globe. its community is built around the remote and nomadic lifestyle, allowing businesses to tap into a pool of candidates passionate about remote work. 

Final Thoughts

Transitioning to a remote workforce or expanding your existing team can be a journey fraught with challenges. The right staffing agency can make all the difference, improving your chances of finding employees who fit your company culture and objectives.

If you’re ready to make the most of remote staffing solutions, take the next step with Near and book a no-commitment consultation. Our expert recruiters will walk you through the straightforward process of supercharging your team with remote candidates.

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