Best Sales Staffing Agencies

The 10 Best Sales Staffing Agencies for Finding Top Sales Talent

Looking for a sales staffing agency to bolster your team? Explore our list of the 10 best companies to help find and hire top sales talent.

The 10 Best Sales Staffing Agencies for Finding Top Sales Talent


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There’s an old saying in business: “If you can sell, you’ll never go broke.” Sales are the backbone of any healthy organization. They anchor long-term goals, set investor expectations, and fuel company growth.

However, it can be a challenge to find high-performing sales talent—especially in smaller markets—who can effectively communicate the value of your product or service and convert leads into paying customers.

There may not be qualified candidates in your area, or you might not have the resources to effectively source and screen them.

Sales staffing agencies bridge the gap by specializing in recruiting, vetting, and placing experienced sales professionals in organizations.

To help you decide whether to partner with a sales staffing agency, this article digs into their details and benefits, as well as the qualities to look for in a potential partner. We’ve also curated a list of the 10 best sales staffing companies to assist in your search.

What Is a Sales Staffing Agency?

A sales staffing agency is a specialized firm that focuses on sourcing, assessing, and placing skilled sales professionals into businesses that require their expertise. 

Unlike broader recruitment agencies that might span several employment sectors, sales staffing agencies are dedicated exclusively to the sales industry, making them experts in identifying the unique traits and skills that make for successful sales personnel.

These agencies have networks of qualified sales professionals and use sophisticated screening processes to ensure that individuals are a good cultural fit for the companies they are being placed in.

Another difference between recruitment firms and sales staffing agencies is that recruitment agencies tend to find direct employee placements for permanent positions, whereas staffing agencies usually employ the workers they place themselves and handle processes like benefits and payroll.

What Staffing Approaches Does a Sales Staffing Agency Offer?

Sales staffing agencies can take a variety of approaches to staffing, including:

  • Temporary staffing: These agencies usually provide temporary salespeople to businesses for specific campaigns, to cover seasonal needs, or to fill in for absent employees.
  • Temp-to-hire services: A candidate brought on through a sales staffing agency may also start as a temporary worker and become a permanent staff member if there’s a good fit.
  • Project-based sales teams: Sales staffing agencies sometimes assemble entire sales teams for new or expanding projects, often on a contract basis.

These agencies take the brunt of the hiring process off of the client company, managing job postings, initial candidate screenings, interviews, negotiation processes, and (in some cases) training. 

A sales talent closing a deal, shaking hands with their client.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering With a Sales Staffing Agency?

Partnering with a sales staffing agency brings several advantages. Here are some key benefits:

Access to specialized talent

Sales staffing agencies have extensive networks and access to a pool of specialized sales professionals, including those with niche skills and experience in specific industries. This expertise can benefit companies in technical or highly specialized markets.

Time and cost efficiency

Hiring can consume significant internal resources and time. Sales staffing agencies streamline the recruitment process, reducing your time to hire and consequently minimizing the costs associated with vacant sales positions.


The ability to hire temporary or project-based sales staff allows companies to respond to market fluctuations, seasonal changes, or short-term demands without the commitment of permanent staffing.

Expert screening processes

Sales staffing agencies are adept at vetting candidates for both the tangible and intangible traits necessary for success in sales, ensuring a higher caliber of candidate and reducing the likelihood of a bad hire.

Reduced administrative burden

These agencies handle much of the administrative workload involved in hiring, such as payroll, taxes, and benefits for temporary staff, freeing up companies to focus on their core business operations.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Sales Staffing Agency?

When seeking a sales staffing agency to partner with, try to find one that is experienced and reputable and aligns with your business goals, workplace culture, and company values. Here are several qualities to look for:

Industry expertise

A reputable agency should have extensive knowledge and experience in sales and, preferably, in your specific industry. This ensures they can identify candidates who not only sell effectively but understand your products, services, and market.

Proven track record

An agency should have a proven history of successful placements. Testimonials, case studies, or references can help you gauge their effectiveness and reliability.

Transparent communication

Good agencies maintain clear and open lines of communication with their clients. They should be responsive, provide regular updates, and be willing to discuss and understand your hiring needs comprehensively.

Customization and flexibility

Every company has unique needs. The best sales staffing agencies offer tailored solutions and are willing to adapt to your specific requirements, whether for temp, temp-to-hire, or direct placement positions.

Additional services

Beyond placement, consider agencies that offer value-added services such as training, onboarding support, market analysis, and salary guidance.

What Are the 10 Best Sales Staffing Companies?

The list we’ve compiled below includes some of the best sales staffing agencies in the business, offering various services to help find talented individuals. Each has been chosen based on its exceptional ability to connect companies with sales talent, though they vary in approach and specialty. 

Some exclusively focus on sales staffing, while others are broader recruitment and outsourcing firms with a dedicated sales division or significant sales recruiting experience. 

Note that these companies are presented in no particular order. Depending on your specific needs, one may suit your organization better than another. 

1. Near

We’ve put ourselves at the top for a reason. We love helping companies fill out or expand their sales team with experienced talent in Latin America (LatAm). Near is a full-service staffing agency that will hire, onboard, pay, and retain top-quality candidates, removing recruitment headaches. 

Whether you need a sales development rep, an inbound sales rep, or a sales director, we can help you find the perfect fit—for a significantly lower salary than their US-based counterparts. 

2. Sales Talent Inc.

As its name suggests, Sales Talent is a staffing agency specializing solely in sales staffing. This focused approach to sales recruiting allows its staffing professionals to hone in on the skills and qualities that make successful salespeople, using a consultative method to place B2B sales professionals. 

The agency primarily serves the technology, industrial, healthcare, and business service sectors. 

A sales talent presenting sales report to stakeholders

3. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm that provides extensive staffing services, including sales talent acquisition. Its expansive network and deep industry experience allow it to fill sales job openings across many sectors, including technology, financial services, and consumer markets. 

Korn Ferry stands out for its data-driven approach and extensive assessments that help identify potential candidates for leadership positions. 

4. Accenture

Accenture, a multinational professional services company, significantly strengthened its sales and talent acquisition capabilities by acquiring N3 in 2020. With deep expertise in technology, strategy, consulting, and operations, Accenture can place sales talent particularly well within the technology and B2B sectors. 

Including N3 has enabled Accenture to provide a robust suite of services that leverage artificial intelligence and analytics, positioning it as a leader in innovative sales solutions. 

5. Pareto Law

Pareto focuses on developing entry-level candidates into sales leaders. It offers services that range from graduate recruitment to training and development.

Using a mix of assessment tools, including face-to-face interviews and tailored evaluation days, it ensures candidates have the traits and potential to excel in sales roles. Pareto’s unique approach is to fill sales jobs and foster the next generation of sales leadership.

6. Michael Page

Michael Page has built a strong reputation for its ability to place sales professionals with companies across various global industries. Part of PageGroup, Michael Page specializes in permanent and temporary placements, crafting tailored solutions for clients’ specific staffing needs. 

This agency works in a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals and medical devices to technology and fast-moving consumer goods. 

7. Rainmakers

Rainmakers uses a modern sales staffing approach, focusing primarily on Silicon Valley and the West Coast. 

It caters to the high demand for sales professionals in the rapidly evolving tech space, offering a platform that connects companies with talented salespeople and leverages a matching algorithm to ensure the right fit based on skills, experience, and cultural alignment. 

8. Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the most recognized names in the staffing industry, known for its broad range of specialized recruiting services, which includes a division dedicated to sales and marketing roles. 

With an extensive network of offices across the globe, it can serve a diverse range of industries. 

9. The HT Group

The HT Group is a Texas-based total-solution employment agency providing staffing services for various positions, including sales. It offers temp, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire placements, emphasizing its local insight and personalized service.

The agency’s expertise in the local market and focus on creating strong employer-employee connections contribute to its success in staffing sales positions that drive results for its clients.

10. Peak Sales Recruiting

Peak Sales Recruiting prides itself on a selective approach, choosing to work with clients and candidates it feels are truly at the “peak” of their industry. 

By focusing on what makes an ideal hire and not just a good one, Peak Sales Recruiting distinguishes itself through high-quality placements that drive retention and long-term success.

Remote Staffing Firms for Sales Roles

Several staffing firms have adapted to focus on placing sales talent in remote positions. These firms specialize in connecting businesses with experienced sales professionals who work from home or other remote locations and can effectively manage sales processes without a traditional office environment. 

Here are three notable remote-first staffing companies. 

  • Virtual Vocations: An online service that curates telecommute-friendly jobs, Virtual Vocations lists positions in multiple fields, including sales.
  • We Work Remotely: As one of the largest remote work communities in the world, We Work Remotely prides itself on a vast selection of remote job listings from around the globe, with many opportunities in sales roles across a variety of industries.
  • FlexJobs: Dedicated to finding the best remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs, FlexJobs offers an extensive network of job seekers.

These staffing firms are designed to address the growing demand for remote work, providing valuable platforms for companies and sales professionals to connect and thrive in a flexible, virtual workplace.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to bolster your in-office team, staff your sales department remotely, or blend the two, one of the listed agencies can meet your specific needs.

If you’re ready to start bringing on qualified remote sales staff, Near can handle hiring, onboarding, payroll, and benefits for you while helping you slash salary costs by 30–70%.

We invite you to book a no-commitment consultation with Near to explore your sales staffing options. Our dedicated team will ensure you’re well equipped to take your sales performance to the next level.

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