Global Outsourcing

What Is Global Outsourcing and What Are the Benefits?

Global outsourcing is a viable choice to help you access international talent and scale your business. Here’s what you need to know about this scaling strategy.

What Is Global Outsourcing and What Are the Benefits?


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With the advancement of technology and globalization, companies worldwide have adapted outsourcing and offshoring as part of their operations to help their business grow. 

According to statistics, businesses of all sizes are beginning to outsource some of their functions, with 29% of companies with 50 or fewer employees and 66% of medium-sized businesses with more than 50 employees outsourcing work. 

Infographic about why businesses are switching to outsourcing
Source: Uplers

Outsourcing services have revolutionized the way businesses operate by providing flexibility and scalability. Companies now have the choice to adjust their resources and capacity to match the fluctuation of customer demand and business processes perfectly. 

What Is Global Outsourcing?

Global outsourcing is the practice of delegating business processes, tasks, or operations to external service providers in foreign countries. It allows companies to leverage the expertise, resources, and cost advantages of offshore teams or foreign service providers.

Engaging with an outsourcing company is like having a ready-made and adaptable team that effortlessly aligns with your ever-evolving business needs. Because of ongoing digital transformation, global outsourcing is attractive to businesses, with the market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% and revenue forecasts amounting to $435.89 billion in 2028.

What Are the Benefits of Global Outsourcing?

Infographic about the benefits of outsourcing
Source: USource

Global outsourcing is becoming a viable choice for businesses of all sizes in various industries. This is owing to its benefits, which include: 

Cost savings

Global outsourcing is a smart move for businesses because it lets them tap into cost differences between countries. They can delegate labor-intensive tasks or processes to regions with lower labor costs, which means significant savings for the company. 

Outsourcing also allows businesses to work with specialized service providers with the expertise and infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, enabling them to enjoy cost reduction and productivity boosts.


Outsourcing is a game-changer for business growth because it offers incredible flexibility and competitive advantages, allowing them to scale. Companies can avoid hidden costs and navigate talent shortages to adapt their resources and operational capacity quickly. This helps with business agility to match fluctuations in customer demand. 

Whether they need to ramp up production or streamline operations during quieter times, outsourcing industry experts allows them to do so without the burden of heavy infrastructure investments or the complexities of hiring new employees. It's like having a built-in, adaptable workforce that can seamlessly align with the ever-changing needs of the business.

Global talent pool

Through outsourcing, companies now have one of the most significant advantages to choose from a global talent pool. Regardless of their niche and core competencies, companies can choose from multiple quality service providers from around the world to meet their business needs. 

They also get unprecedented insight from a diverse pool of outsourcing providers to access skills to improve their customer satisfaction and operations. 

Increased market share

Outsourcing doesn’t only benefit revenue growth and the operational aspect of running a business. With growth objectives in mind, offshore employees can help companies to expand their market and business functions in international territories.

By building successful offshore relationships, outsourcing companies will get a better local market understanding that can help them tap into a new market internationally, providing global growth opportunities. 

Tax incentives

By outsourcing talent from offshore locations, companies can contribute to their country’s economic development by tapping into foreign direct investment opportunities. They bring capital into the offshore site and open access to international markets. 

One of the strategies to attract FDI is to offer tax incentives, including full or partial tax holidays or tax rate deductions, which are provided by 85% of countries across continents, from Africa and Asia to Europe and Latin America.

What Are the Potential Risks of Global Outsourcing?

Outsourcing Risks infographic
Source: ELEKS

While providing many scaling opportunities for business, global outsourcing still has risks you must be aware of before engaging in offshoring activities. By being aware of these risks, companies can allocate internal resources and plan for strategic activities to minimize complications. 

Cultural and social differences

Because the traditional practice of international outsourcing is to tap into a large talent pool around the globe, cultural employee training, like handling customer relationships, could be a barrier. Business practices may differ from country to country, and adjusting to the social and cultural differences is a must to be efficient with outsourcing.

Overcoming this, however, shouldn’t be complex. Companies must be aware of cultural differences to appropriately set expectations and champion short-term collaboration between full-time employees and third-party organizations. One way to manage cultural and social responsibilities is for companies to have cultural sensitivity training specific to which region they plan to outsource from. 

Language barriers

Offshoring usually happens in a different region, so differences in official languages are a common potential problem. A discrepancy in English proficiency can easily slow down operations and cause miscommunication, posing a threat when maximizing the benefits of offshoring.

To manage language barriers, companies should, as much as possible, simplify and standardize communication to make it easier (regardless of the cultural background of the country you choose to outsource to) for parties involved to understand each other.

For more critical matters, hiring a translator would also be beneficial to make communication much smoother and minimize the risk of miscommunication. 

Digital security

Digital security might pose a risk for companies with sensitive data when outsourcing to providers and training them to use advanced technology solutions. When sharing confidential company information and internal resources with offshore partners without ample cybersecurity protocols, you risk a data breach, potentially harming overall operations — not to mention unnecessary costs.

To minimize this risk factor, it’s recommended that businesses invest in data security and adequate risk management strategies to protect their digital assets. They should also be wary of working with third-party agencies and ensure their chosen providers have robust cyber security measures. 

Legal considerations

Before offshoring business operations to another country, it’s imperative to understand the differences in laws and regulations concerning employment, tax, and trade among countries. If you do not carefully assess the differences in laws and regulations, you could find yourself in a costly legal battle which could also slow down operations.

However, keeping track of all legal matters across countries can be a complex endeavor. As such, it’s recommended that your company consider partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) that can handle all legal technicalities regarding outsourcing arrangements.


Is Global Outsourcing Right for Your Business?

While it’s safe to conclude that outsourcing solutions are a valuable strategy any business can adopt, weighing the risk and benefits depending on your business is an essential first step before outsourcing part of your day-to-day tasks offshore. 

Some businesses will greatly benefit from specific outsourcing models, while others might not fully utilize the benefits and be better off with a different scaling strategy.

If your business wants to take advantage of the benefits of global outsourcing, it should consider outsourcing in Latin America. Due to the region's proximity, building successful partnerships will be a lot easier than offshoring to another area. 

Near can help you simplify the global outsourcing process and find the best-outsourced team member placements that match the unique requirements of your business.

Final Thoughts

International outsourcing services continue to grow and evolve as a strategy for companies to adopt. Regardless of the business size, outsourcing is beneficial for cost-savings, giving them access to global talent and putting them in a position to scale and grow.

Thanks to advanced technologies and better interactions among different countries, outsourcing is gaining traction, and the trend is only expected to go upward from here. 

Although outsourcing comes with risk factors, it’s easy to mitigate and prevent with the right strategies and global outsourcing partners. Near can help you find remote talent in Latin America for long-term collaboration. Our vetted process can find the perfect placement and access skills that align with your business requirements. We can fill your open positions with the right talent in as fast as 21 days! 

Ready to hire with Near? Interview Latin American candidates for free today.

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Hiring Remotely and Hitting Roadblocks?

Hiring Remotely and Hitting Roadblocks?

Solve your hiring challenges with the "Executive’s Guide to Hiring the Top 1% of Remote Talent in 21 Days"


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