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HR Roles Salary Guide

HR Roles Salary Guide: US vs. Latin America

Access our HR roles salary guide and salary comparison for US vs Latin America. Discover average salaries for HR roles in LatAm compared to the US

HR Roles Salary Guide: US vs. Latin America


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By prioritizing employee engagement and a deep knowledge of labor laws, remote Latin American (LatAm) talent in human resources (HR) may become an asset to any company looking to attract and retain top talent.

Their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with teams globally can make them ideal for organizations with an international presence. 

The following are some of the most in-demand HR jobs LatAm remote workers can fill and the average salaries:

Recruiter and Sourcing Specialist 

Recruiters and sourcing specialists find and attract potential candidates for job openings within a company. They use various methods, including job fairs, online job postings, and networking, to identify and reach out to potential candidates. In addition, they may also be responsible for screening resumes, conducting preliminary interviews, and working with hiring managers to identify the best fit for a position.

LatAm annual salary range: $21,600–$28,800

Potential savings over US salaries: 52.48%

HR Generalist

An HR generalist is a versatile HR professional responsible for a wide range of HR functions, including recruitment and selection, employee relations, benefits administration, and performance management. They play a key role in creating a positive and supportive work environment and helping resolve workplace issues and conflicts.

LatAm annual salary range: $22,800–$30,000

Potential savings over US salaries: 52.34%

HR Manager

An HR manager oversees the HR function of a company and ensures that all HR-related policies and processes are up-to-date, legal, and effective. This may involve developing and implementing HR strategies, overseeing employee relations and benefits administration, and working with senior management to ensure that HR initiatives align with the organization’s overall goals.

LatAm annual salary range: $28,800–$36,000

Potential savings over US salaries: 53.87%

IT Recruiter

IT recruiters find and attract talented IT professionals for job openings within a company. This may involve conducting preliminary interviews, screening resumes, and working with hiring managers to determine the best fit for a IT position. IT recruiters must have a strong understanding of the IT industry and the skills and experience required for a wide range of IT roles. They must also be able to identify top IT talent and effectively market job opportunities to them. 

LatAm annual salary range: $24,480–$36,000

Potential savings over US salaries: 57.88%

Salaries of HR Roles US vs. Latin America

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The salary guide is a valuable resource for businesses looking to hire remote talent from LatAm. It presents a comprehensive overview of LatAm job market trends, cost of living, and the skills and qualities of roles that LatAm remote workers can fill. It gives you the information you need to determine what salaries would be fair for your remote LatAm workers while still providing cost savings for you. 

By nearshore outsourcing to the LatAm region, businesses can access a diverse and highly skilled talent pool and save on operating costs.

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