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Reasons to Outsource Sales Management

Why Your Company Should Outsource Sales Management

Outsourcing your sales management will enhance your sales strategies and boost your bottom line. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Your Company Should Outsource Sales Management


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Are you a business owner stuck in the weeds of managing your sales team? You’re not alone. Many small to medium-sized businesses have difficulty finding time and resources to dedicate toward efficient, effective sales management. But with the right strategy and partnership, having success in this area can be within reach—outsourcing your sales management could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

While having in-house sales management seems to be the norm, more and more companies are now considering outsourcing their sales management. By doing so, they can delegate their sales functions to experts and free up their time and resources for other business aspects. 

What Is Outsourced Sales Management?

Outsourcing your sales management means hiring an external agency or individual to handle your sales management functions. Ultimately, businesses do this to get the most out of their sales team, increase revenue, and keep up with competitors. 

Outsourced sales management staff are extensions of the business, managing every aspect of sales, from lead generation to identifying growth opportunities. 

What your outsourced sales management partner can do for your business ultimately depends on the expertise you seek and hire. But in general, these professionals bring a wealth of specialized sales expertise and industry insight to a company. 

They can analyze and enhance your sales strategy, implement effective management techniques, and drive team performance to deliver measurable results. With their in-depth understanding of sales processes and market trends, they can identify areas for improvement, devise targeted solutions, and foster a high-performing sales culture. 

By leveraging their services, businesses can focus on core competencies, reduce overhead costs, and accelerate growth trajectory. 

Outsourcing your sales management is just one area of your sales department you can outsource. You can also outsource other elements like your inside sales team or sales development reps.

You can find an outsourced sales manager for your business through executive search firms or agencies that specialize in finding sales professionals. 

What Does an Outsourced Sales Manager Do?

An outsourced sales manager oversees all of your business’s sales functions, including supervising and executing effective sales strategies and working closely with other sales professionals such as business development or sales development reps (BDRs or SDRs). 

An experienced outsourced sales manager will undertake the responsibilities listed below.

Develop sales plans and strategies

An outsourced sales manager is primarily responsible for developing sales plans and strategies crucial for your company’s growth. To do this, they work closely with executives and other management to develop comprehensive plans outlining the sales targets, objectives, and strategies that will lead to achieving the company’s sales goals. 

They will also analyze market and industry trends, consumer behavior, and the competitive landscape to identify more opportunities to increase revenue. 

Manage the sales team

sales team infographic
Source: Datarob

An outsourced sales manager oversees the sales operations, including managing internal sales teams. They can also help you recruit and train new sales professionals if needed. 

The sales manager ensures the sales team executes the plans and strategies accordingly. They also provide guidance, leadership, and sales training to further equip their team with the skills and knowledge they need to sell your company’s products and services. 

Overall they hold their teams accountable to ensure great sales performance. They will hold team meetings and develop corrective action plans. 

Monitor sales performance

An outsourced sales manager is responsible for monitoring the performance of their sales strategies. They do this by defining key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the company’s objectives and setting a framework for measuring sales results. 

Using KPIs such as customer acquisition rates, sales revenue, sales cycle length, conversion rate, and customer satisfaction, they then collect and analyze sales data against these KPIs. For this, outsourced sales managers use CRM systems, sales analytics software, and other tools. 

They then use the data to create a report of their sales performance, identifying trends and areas of improvement. This report can help executives make more informed decisions about their sales strategies and take corrective actions when necessary. 

KPI metric dashboard for sales management
Source: SlideTeam

Build and maintain client relationships

In line with their primary role of boosting a company’s revenue, sales managers need to be able to build and maintain client relationships. This requires a thorough understanding of their client’s needs to build rapport and trust and offer services that align with the consumers’ pain points. 

To ensure repeat business and long-lasting relationships with clients, sales managers should be skilled communicators who can articulate the company’s value proposition in a compelling way. They should be able to provide solutions for their clients and give them the utmost value. 

Sales managers may also oversee post-sale support to maintain strong relationships with buyers and ensure client satisfaction. 

They will also assist the sales team in using and maximizing a CRM system to boost your company’s bottom line further. 

Perform sales forecasting and budgeting

Outsourced sales managers ensure the effective allocation of resources and planning of finances within the sales department. They need to be able to gather and analyze data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sales environment. 

Based on this, they forecast future sales performance, relying on market trends, consumer behavior, economic indicators, and industry dynamics to predict sales volumes for a given period. 

The sales forecast allows sales managers to develop a budget, allocating resources based on the projected sales performance. They also work with other management and executives to define targets to increase sales. 

Why Should Companies Outsource Their Sales Management?

Infographic about when should you consider sales outsourcing
Source: Smith.ai

Outsourcing your sales management will allow your company to access experts to handle all your sales strategies and ensure optimal performance. With sales being expertly taken care of, you can focus on running other areas of your company. 

Here are some more compelling reasons you should outsource your sales management: 

Save on commissions

Outsourced sales managers are paid a flat fee rather than a commission. This allows you to set your sales budget wisely while accounting for compensation for your outsourced sales team.

You can also further reduce costs by hiring outsourced sales managers from Latin America or other locations with lower salary expectations instead of relying on the competitive US labor market. 

Gain access to sales experts

Outsourcing your sales management team allows you to tap into experts with years of experience in their respective industries. They have likely attended training and development programs from outsourced sales management companies, allowing them to possess the skills, experience, and education needed to achieve your sales goals. 

To gain access to the best sales experts, choose your outsourcing firm wisely. Find agencies with connections to talent from specific industries and regions that you may not otherwise be able to access easily. 

Keep your team focused on core competencies

Chances are, you and your team are focusing so much on your sales functions that you’re neglecting other aspects of your business. This is especially true for startups or small companies that don’t have a dedicated person handling sales operations. 

Outsourcing to a sales manager will help you take your mind off sales and delegate the work to an expert who can manage your lead generation, prospecting, and deal closing. 

This frees up your time, allowing you to address other business matters like product development and marketing. 

Improve the company’s sales performance

Outsourcing to an experienced sales manager with extensive sales skills will drive revenue growth by helping your sales team to meet or exceed your sales goals. They thoroughly understand the entire sales process and can often perform better than in-house sales managers in driving your revenue forward. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring an outsourced sales manager can revolutionize your business. For smaller to medium-sized businesses, outsourcing is a great way to gain access to experienced sales leadership so the rest of your team can maintain focus on day-to-day operations. 

In order to reap the maximum cost-savings rewards of outsourcing your sales management, search for an outsourced sales professional from Latin America to save up to 70% compared to working with a US-based professional. 

Are you ready for an exceptional outsourced sales manager? Near can help you find highly skilled professionals with a track record of success in sales. Start taking control of your company’s bottom line today! Fill out this form, and we will send you a list of pre-vetted candidates you can interview for free. Only pay a fee once you make a hire. 

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