uncovering the role of remote closers

Remote Closer: Salary & FAQs

What is a remote closer, and how much does this job pay? Find out all about the salary and role of a remote closer—compensation packages, sales activities, and more!

Remote Closer: Salary & FAQs


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Are you looking for an expert remote closer to boost your B2B sales initiatives? Or perhaps you're interested in this career path, as the idea of closing deals on your own schedule without leaving your home office sounds perfect.

In both instances, as modern business practices shift towards remote and online customer interactions, understanding the dynamics of this role is a must for job seekers and employers.

This article uncovers the role of remote closers, shedding light on their responsibilities, salary, needed level of experience, and where to find top talent. Discover what makes a successful remote closer and why your business might benefit from working with one!

What Is a Remote Closer?

A remote closer is a sales professional specializing in concluding deals and transactions virtually, without in-person interactions. The term or job title "remote closer" emphasizes their ability to operate remotely while utilizing their expertise in sales calls and digital communication.

Also known as virtual closers, online closers, or digital sales specialists, they leverage digital sales tracking tools, an extensive network, and sales techniques to nurture the sales pipeline to commit to purchases. Moreover, remote closers can specialize in various areas and industries, including:

High-Ticket Sales Remote Closers: High-ticket remote closing focuses on selling high-value products or services, such as luxury items or high-end technology solutions. The sales process for these items is usually more complex and requires in-depth product knowledge, warranting internal sales positions.

Technology Product Remote Closers: Some remote sales reps are best at selling technology products or software solutions to online businesses or individuals, using their technical inbound sales expertise to explain product features, benefits, and integration capabilities.

Consulting Service Remote Closers: Professionals who specialize in consulting services need a deep understanding of building strong relationships with customers and how their services can benefit potential clients. They must also be confident in addressing sales objections,  complex questions, and concerns.

eCommerce Remote Sales Closers: In the eCommerce industry, remote closers typically specialize in selling products or services through online platforms, leveraging their strong sales skills and professional network to engage with potential customers.

Real Estate Remote Closers: Specializing in concluding real estate transactions, these mortgage closers diligently collaborate with cold and warm potential leads, including buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, to expertly facilitate property sales.

High-Ticket Remote Closer smiling while looking at his laptop

High-Ticket Remote Closer vs. Remote Closer

Price range

High-ticket remote closers promote premium offerings, such as high-value courses, mentorship programs, consulting services, or luxury items. They may need to be experts in deal negotiations, and some companies require a degree in business or fluency in diverse business models. 

In contrast, regular remote closers engage in a broader spectrum of sales activities, including cold calling, encompassing products or services at varying price points, most often affordable options.

Sales complexity

Effectively handling high-ticket products demands more thorough research, adding complexity to the sales process. This means they will need to be able to segment qualified leads, integrate and collaborate with marketing solutions, and have advanced negotiation skills and time management skills. Moreover, in both cases, virtual selling presents distinct challenges—customer distractions and a complex digital buying journey. For instance, 23% of remote closers struggle to track buyers' journeys and digital presence of competitors. 

Effective communication

High-ticket remote closers excel in building trust, addressing inquiries, and responding to intricate concerns or objections. They need excellent communication skills to deal with business owners and multiple stakeholders, employing logic, numbers, and emotion to cater to their multifaceted decision-making process.

Commissions and earnings

The compensation package for high-ticket remote closers is typically more lucrative than their regular counterparts, reflecting the premium nature of their products or services. Earning higher commissions directly results from their ability to navigate complex sales processes and effectively address any customer concerns.

How Much Do Remote Closers Make?

The average pay for remote closers can vary significantly based on experience in sales, industry, and location. Different sources report different earnings and remote closing salary ranges.

For instance, Indeed reports an average salary of around $80,000 per year. ZipRecruiter suggests earnings ranging from $10,000 to $92,500 annually.

On platforms such as Bravado, remote closers note earnings averaging between $8,000 and $10,000 per month, potentially earning $20,000 or more during exceptional months.

At Near, remote closers typically earn base salaries of approximately $2,000 to $3,000 per month, with a substantial variable component tied to closed deals.

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Where To Find Remote Closer Jobs?

Looking for your next opportunity as a remote closer? Websites like Near, Glassdoor, and Upwork offer diverse opportunities for aspiring remote closers. Below are our top picks to help you on your remote close job hunt, in no particular order:


Near offers an intuitive platform for sales professionals to help Latin American talent land their next sales opportunity. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, Near streamlines your job-hunting journey. By matching your core skills with relevant remote positions, Near paves the way for interviews and potential employment in as soon as 21 days. Take your career to the next level with Near and connect with companies that value your sales expertise.


Glassdoor provides candidates across the globe with valuable insights into companies, salaries, and workplace cultures. It offers employee reviews, salary data, and interview experiences, empowering job seekers to make informed career choices based on real-world perspectives from current and former employees.


SimplyHired is a user-friendly job search engine that connects candidates with diverse job opportunities from various sources. It allows easy search, location-based results, and salary estimation, helping candidates in finding suitable opportunities in no time.


Upwork is an online hub connecting remote closers with clients seeking specialized professional expertise. As a sales representative, you can create a profile, bid on sales-related projects, and collaborate with clients. Rest assured, the platform offers secure payments so you can do your best work without worrying about compensation.


Indeed is a popular job search platform catering to job seekers and employers. It aggregates job listings, offers salary insights, and allows job seekers to build resumes. You also get company reviews, alerts, and a mobile app that connects you with diverse opportunities worldwide.

How To Find and Hire Great Remote Closers?

If you're searching for exceptional remote closers, job boards, and job posting platforms are great resources to turn to. If you need help determining where to begin, here are three solutions to help you launch your search for the best fit:

Near: Pre-vetted, pre-screened, top 1% remote talent from LatAm.

With Near, both startups and established enterprises can efficiently discover, assess, and onboard exceptional pre-vetted remote sales representatives from Latin American countries. Near facilitates the end-to-end journey of identifying, interviewing, and hiring sales experts while saving you 30-70% on salaries. Our innovative approach enables companies to secure top-tier LatAm remote closers in 21 days or less, so you can give your sales teams a boost and effortlessly drive business growth. Moreover, with our zero-risk hiring guarantee, you only pay when you make a hire—there are no upfront fees.


FlexJobs offers employers a platform to post remote, flexible, and freelance job listings, targeting professionals seeking such opportunities. It provides candidate screening, company profiles, and access to a pool of remote-ready talent for effective recruitment. It's necessary to note that the starting price is $399, as they do not currently offer a free plan.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a dedicated job board connecting employers with professionals seeking remote work. It offers remote-specific job listings, premium options for higher visibility, company profiles, and subscription plans, streamlining remote hiring processes. With We Work Remotely, the monthly cost per job listing starts at $299.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the role of remote closers emerges as a key player in today's business landscape driven by virtual interactions and globalization.

Remote closers have unique knowledge and organizational skills that extend far beyond mere persuasion. They are in charge of nurturing connections that lead organizations toward unparalleled success.

One thing's for sure—whether you're job hunting or hiring remote closers, understanding this role opens doors to new dimensions of growth and revenue.

If you want to learn more about how you can hire Latin American remote closers for your business, fill out this form, and our team at Near will reach out to you shortly!

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