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Top Executive Search Firms for CFOs

Top 6 CFO Executive Search Firms

Help your business secure a safer, more successful financial future by learning about the top 6 CFO executive search firms.

Top 6 CFO Executive Search Firms


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The role of a chief financial officer (CFO) differs from ten (or even five) years ago. No longer just money men, securing investment and pushing funds around to various branches of an organization, CFOs now play a pivotal role in strategic decision-making and corporate governance.

In one survey, more than three-quarters of respondents believed that the importance of the role will only increase over the next few years as supply chain risk, growing regulatory constraints, financial transparency, and digital transformation continue to shape the business landscape.

As such, recruiting top-tier CFO talent is increasingly vital for the sustainability and growth of an organization. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 CFO executive search firms that have a proven track record in identifying and recruiting exceptional CFO candidates. 

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What Are the Top Executive Search Firms for CFOs?

Executive search firms identify, attract, and place high-level executives within organizations. 

When it comes to CFOs, these firms seek out professionals with proven financial leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape. 

Let’s take a look at the top 6 firms (in no particular order).

1. Near

With a distinctive boutique approach focusing on Latin American talent, Near emphasizes personalized service and a thorough understanding of a client organization’s culture and needs. 

Each search is tailored to the position’s specific requirements, focusing on qualified candidates who can not only perform the role of CFO but align seamlessly with the overall organizational strategy and culture. 

2. Odgers Berndtson

Known for its global reach and long-standing reputation, Odgers Berndtson has been instrumental in placing high-impact CFOs across industries. 

Their rigorous candidate assessment includes leadership trait evaluations and competency interviews, ensuring the chosen CFO can contribute effectively to board-level discussions beyond financial reporting.

3. Korn Ferry

A renowned name in the executive search industry, Korn Ferry has one of the most extensive networks of potential CFO candidates. Leveraging industrial-organizational psychology assessments, Korn Ferry delivers candidates that fulfill the functional role and can adeptly handle the increasing importance of the CFO’s strategic position.

4. Crist|Kolder Associates

Recognized for their unique methodology, Crist|Kolder Associates excels in matching transformative CFOs with Fortune 500 companies and significant private firms. They focus on diversity and transformative talent capable of addressing challenges and bringing value to client companies.

5. Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase’s proven approach moves beyond the standard scope of executive search, focusing more on leadership development and succession planning.

Specialized in multiple sectors, the company possesses deep insights into what makes a successful CFO, emphasizing the importance of a strategic mindset and an innovative approach.

6. Heidrick & Struggles

A pioneer in executive search, Heidrick & Struggles’ robust methodology combines a vast network with industry expertise to find CFOs who excel in leadership, strategy, and performance. 

Their sophisticated analytics and rigorous assessments align candidates’ skills and experiences with prospective companies’ needs and culture, fostering long-term success for both parties.

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What Are the Things To Consider When Looking for an Executive Search Firm for CFOs?

When choosing an executive search partner for recruiting CFOs, looking for one that aligns with your company’s needs and expectations is critical. 

Here are some key factors to consider:

Expertise in executive search

The primary role of an executive search firm is identifying and attracting top-level talent. Understand the firm’s search process and methodology and how they identify suitable candidates.

Comprehensive talent assessment

The executive search firm must employ a rigorous and comprehensive assessment process to evaluate a candidate’s financial management skills, leadership abilities, strategic thinking capacity, and cultural fit. They should evaluate the candidates through interviews, tests, and reference checks.

Industry and market expertise

The firm should have in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements for a CFO and any certain challenges that need to be met in your industry. They should be able to provide insightful advice on market trends, compensation, and availability of talent.

Varied candidate sourcing

Sometimes, executive search firms can prioritize candidates from one or two institutions, ignoring other qualified talent. Look for firms that use various sources to identify candidates.

This can include personal networking, database searches, and LinkedIn trawling. The wider the net, the higher the chance of securing the best talent.

Offering executive advisory services

Some firms offer ancillary services such as advising on the structure of the executive team, leadership development, compensation benchmarking, succession planning, and more. These services can offer added value.

Candidate development opportunities

Professional development never ends, and CFOs need to be willing to grow and expand their expertise more than ever before. Check if the firm has a process of working with potential candidates to refine their skills and enhance their leadership abilities in preparation for the job.

Coaching, mentoring, and integration support for newly placed CFOs should be available and encouraged.

Board and corporate governance experience

Especially for a role like a CFO, which increasingly plays a part in board-level decisions, it’s worthwhile to select a firm with expertise in board and corporate governance matters to ensure your chosen CFO can effectively fulfill these responsibilities.

Global reach

Consider a firm with a wide geographical reach if you are an international company or looking to hire a CFO from abroad. Such a firm would have access to a global talent pool and understand various business cultures and regulations.

Near, for instance, uses Latin America as an effective nearshore talent base, as candidates will be familiar with US business practices and work in time zones compatible with US working hours. 

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What Other Roles Can Be Sourced by Finance Executive Search Firms?

In addition to helping with your CFO search, finance executive search firms also specialize in recruiting for a host of other C-suite positions and other senior-level financial positions, including: 

  • Financial analyst: These professionals are responsible for analyzing financial data, identifying trends, conducting benchmarking and process analysis, and giving financial advice to the company. They play a key role in guiding business decisions based on economic implications.
  • Credit analyst: Credit analysts are responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of potential clients, partners, or investment opportunities. Their assessments can play a major role in important business decisions, where understanding the financial stability of a third party is key.
  • Chief investment officer (CIO): The CIO manages and supervises a company’s investment portfolios. They strategize and decide where to allocate the company’s funds to maximize returns and reduce risks.
  • Controller: Controllers oversee all accounting operations in a company, including the production of financial reports, maintenance of accounting records, and implementation of various financial controls to safeguard the organization’s assets.
  • Financial reporting manager: A financial reporting manager prepares official financial documents required by regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders. They ensure the accuracy, compliance, and timely delivery of these reports.
  • Risk manager: Risk managers are responsible for forecasting and implementing risk management protocols. They work closely with executive management to shape the company’s strategic direction and risk appetite, ensuring financial stability.

The search for these roles requires a partner who understands the intricacies and demands of the finance industry and can source candidates who can efficiently navigate its complexities.

Final Thoughts

The search for CFOs has gotten more and more difficult over the last few years, which is unfortunate, being that it is one of the most important hires any organization can make. However, using an executive search firm can give you an edge in finding top CFO talent. 

Choosing a CFO executive search firm with the expertise, understanding, and resources to facilitate recruitment is key in securing top-level talent suited to your organization’s needs.

Whether it’s assessing potential CFOs or sourcing high-performing financial analysts, the right search firm can effectively transform the financial leadership of your organization.

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Or, to see how our team can propel your business toward financial leadership that adapts, innovates, and succeeds by finding you the best financial remote talent, book a free consultation call.

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