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Explore the 11 Best Companies To Hire LatAm Finance Talent

Explore the 11 Best Companies To Hire LatAm Finance Talent

Looking for finance help? Discover our list of the 11 best companies to hire LatAm finance talent and boost your team today.

Explore the 11 Best Companies To Hire LatAm Finance Talent


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Key Takeaways

  1. Partnering with an outsourcing company to hire talent in Latin America allows you to quickly hire from a wider pool of highly educated talent offering affordable rates and located in convenient time zones.
  2. You can hire Latin American talent for a broad range of finance roles through a company, including accountants, tax specialists, CFOs, and more.
  3. When searching for a company to partner with, look for promising qualities like a proven track record, a high-quality talent pool, and clear, reasonable pricing and terms of service.

You have a great product, an effective marketing department, and a sales team that could sell ice in Antarctica. But none of that matters without the right financial strategy and management.

Finance professionals help maintain cash flow, manage investments, provide performance analysis, and ensure that your company complies with legal financial regulations. But they can be hard to find. 

Local candidates are often scarce, expensive, or unfamiliar with your industry. To solve this problem, many companies now turn to Latin America (LatAm), where a growing pool of finance talent is emerging. 

This article will explain why partnering with a recruiting company or outsourcing firm can help you hire finance experts from this region, the roles they usually fill, and some qualities to look for during your search. We’ve also curated a list of the 11 best companies to hire LatAm finance talent, each with its own niches and specialties. 

Why Partner With a Company To Hire Finance Talent From Latin America?

Partnering with a specialized company to hire finance talent from LatAm can give you a host of competitive advantages and efficient solutions to common hiring challenges. 

More candidates

LatAm boasts a growing number of highly skilled professionals in the finance industry. Partnering with a company that has an established talent network grants you access to this untapped pool of candidates.

Lower salaries

Salary expectations in LatAm can be significantly lower than in North America or Europe without compromising quality. Given these competitive rates, companies often find they can get the same or even better expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Similar time zones

Since Latin American time zones are close to or match those of the US, working with finance professionals in Latin American countries like Mexico or Peru can ensure smooth communication and collaboration.

Quality education

Many LatAm finance professionals are well educated—often with US or European degrees—and bilingual, making this skilled workforce a valuable asset for companies looking to expand or solidify their presence in global markets.

Quicker hiring

Partnering with specialized hiring firms can drastically cut down on the time it takes to find and hire the right candidate, as these companies have streamlined recruitment processes and a ready pool of pre-assessed talent.

What LatAm Finance Roles Can You Hire Through a Company?

Here are some of the key finance roles that you can typically hire through these companies:

  • Financial analysts: Assess financial data to help make investment decisions, create forecasts, and review the company’s financial performance. They might also assist in budgeting and identifying trends that affect business strategies.
  • Investment analysts: Focus on market trends, investment opportunities, and portfolio strategies to influence decision-making.
  • Accountants: Manage financial records, ensure compliance with regulations, prepare tax documents, and oversee bookkeeping activities
  • Controllers: Oversee accounting operations, including the production of financial reports, maintenance of accounting records, and comprehensive fiscal management.
  • Tax specialists: Advise on tax planning, compliance issues, and strategies to minimize tax liability while ensuring compliance.
  • Credit analysts: Analyze financial data and economic trends to help lenders make informed decisions on lending policies and risk.
  • Treasury analysts: Manage the organization’s cash flow, investment strategies, and risk management, ensuring it has the capital needed for operations and business growth.
  • Forensic accountants: Audit financial records in search of irregularities or fraudulent activity. 
  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) analysts: Analyze and support merger and acquisition deals, conducting due diligence, financial modeling, and valuation.
  • Chief financial officers (CFOs): Senior executives who lead the financial strategy, planning, risk management, and financial reporting of a business.

By hiring Latin American workers for these roles through a dedicated company, you can ensure you find individuals with the specialized skills needed to support your unique requirements and contribute to long-term financial success.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Company When Hiring LatAm Finance Talent?

When searching for a company to help you hire LatAm finance talent, there are several qualities and best practices to consider:

Reputation and experience

A company with a solid reputation and proven track record in recruiting LatAm finance professionals is likely to provide reliable, professional service and high-quality candidates.

Quality of talent pool

Evaluate the firm’s recruitment process and the caliber of its talent pool. Look for companies that vet candidates thoroughly, ensuring they meet your required skill level and experience.

Flexibility and customization

Do you need project-based support, full-time staffing solutions, or targeted executive recruitment? The ability of the firm to offer tailored solutions based on your company’s specific financial roles and industry requirements is crucial.

Communication and language skills

Your hiring partner should ensure that candidates possess not only financial expertise but also strong communication skills, particularly in English if that is your company’s working language.

It is worth noting, however, that LatAm is home to many bilingual professionals with strong English skills.

Transparent pricing and terms

Clear, up-front, and fair pricing—along with transparent terms of service—will help you navigate the financial aspect of your arrangement without any unwelcome surprises.

11 Best Companies To Hire LatAm Finance Talent

Our list of the best companies to hire LatAm finance workers is in no particular order, as each one has unique strengths and serves different needs. It includes both finance-specific firms and broader recruiting agencies that have established a solid track record in the finance and accounting sectors. 

Here are the companies leading the charge in connecting businesses with top-notch LatAm finance talent:

1. Near

We’re up first! Near is a full-service recruiting and staffing agency with a knack for placing high-performing remote professionals in finance roles. Just ask Vanreusel Ventures, a CFO advisory firm that worked with us to hire a finance manager even with limited resources. 

They also ended up hiring a marketing manager and are saving over $160,000 annually in salary costs compared with what they would have had to pay US-based candidates. 

2. Toptal

Known for its stringent screening process, Toptal’s platform extends beyond technology professionals to include finance experts from LatAm and all over the world.

3. Skuad

Specializing in global payroll and EOR services, Skuad also helps companies build remote teams by sourcing top finance talent from across LatAm.

4. Remotely Talents

A specialist in remote staffing solutions, Remotely Talents offers a curated selection of pre-vetted finance professionals from LatAm, addressing remote workforce agility.

5. Hays

As a global leader in professional recruiting, Hays operates across the world and has the resources to find and place finance experts in Latin American talent markets.

6. Adecco

Adecco’s extensive international presence and experience in workforce solutions empowers it to recruit a wide range of roles, including finance positions in LatAm.

7. Korn Ferry

Offering executive search and recruitment process outsourcing, Korn Ferry has the insights and network to identify finance leaders in LatAm countries like Argentina and Costa Rica.

8. Randstad

One of the largest HR service providers globally, Randstad leverages its extensive network to meet the finance staffing needs of businesses looking to LatAm for talent.

9. TeamCadre

Specializing in finance and accounting staffing, TeamCadre can place top LatAm talent in businesses that value a deep understanding of finance.

10. Ontop

With a focus on simplifying international hiring, Ontop aids companies in bringing remote finance workers on board from LatAm with minimal fuss.

11. HireLATAM

A niche firm with a dedicated focus on the LatAm market, HireLATAM has a strong reputation for providing tailored recruiting services to businesses, including placing finance professionals.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to enriching your finance roster, the versatility and expertise found in LatAm professionals cannot be underestimated. Each company on our list streamlines the hiring process and connects you with specialists to drive your business success.

Ready to take the next step? Book a free, no-commitment consultation with one of our hiring experts and start the process of filling your open finance positions in 21 days.

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