The Best Countries To Find and Hire Top Remote Sales Talent

21 Best Countries To Find and Hire Top Remote Sales Talent

This article will explore some of those benefits and examine the qualities you should look for when searching for foreign workers in the sales industry.

21 Best Countries To Find and Hire Top Remote Sales Talent


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Conducting sales no longer necessarily means a fleet of employees driving from town to town. Digital technology has transformed the industry, and many companies now rely on top remote sales talent to reach customers and clients around the globe. 

While this presents several opportunities, it can be challenging to know where to look to start building a top-notch remote sales team. Different countries and regions offer unique advantages, from lower labor costs to niche expertise. 

This article will explore some of those benefits and examine the qualities you should look for when searching for foreign workers in the sales industry. We’ve also curated a list of the 21 best countries to hire remote sales talent and a checklist for finding the country that best suits your requirements. 

Why Should You Hire Sales Talent Based in Other Countries?

Here’s why outsourcing sales to various corners of the globe can be a game-changer for your company.

More candidates

Hiring internationally opens your business up to a wide range of candidates. This bigger selection improves your chances of finding top performers and brings more diverse and specialized skills. The experience of these sales experts can be invaluable in understanding and penetrating new markets. 

Cost efficiency

One of the most immediate advantages is the potential for more competitive labor costs. Salaries can vary significantly around the world, and it’s often possible to find highly skilled sales professionals who offer lower rates than talent in the United States without compromising on quality. 

Local market knowledge

Team members native to a target market can provide insider knowledge on local business practices, cultural nuances, and consumer behavior. Since sales is all about relationships, these insights can help refine your approach.

Networking potential

An international sales force can also act as brand ambassadors to new markets. These professionals’ local networks can provide valuable connections, partnerships, and channels for market intelligence that you might not otherwise have access to. 


When you’re not limited by geography, scaling your sales team up or down becomes a more agile process. You can hire as demand increases or scale back when necessary without the constraints of hiring and laying off domestic staff. 

What Qualities Should You Look for When Hiring Remote Sales Talent?

Selecting the right remote sales professionals comes down to more than just experience. Candidates need a blend of traditional sales skills and attributes that suit a remote working environment. Here’s what to look for:


Sales is a results-driven field, and remote work requires self-starters. Look for job seekers with a history of creativity who can demonstrate their ability to set and achieve goals without direct supervision. 


Effective communication is the bedrock of sales. Candidates need to be able to clearly and persuasively convey messages, listen actively, and build relationships quickly. 

Tech savvy

Remote professionals in the sales field must be adept at using various sales and communication platforms. They should be comfortable with customer relationship management (CRM) software, videoconferencing, instant messaging, and other digital tools.

Emotional intelligence

Being emotionally intelligent allows sales professionals to connect with clients more deeply, understand their concerns, and handle negotiations with empathy and tact. These skills are imperative in a remote setting where face-to-face interactions are limited. 

Cultural fit

Remote workers may not be in the office, but they still have to integrate into your company culture. They should align with company values and contribute positively to team dynamics, even from a distance. 

21 Best Countries To Hire Remote Sales Talent

Remote sales talent is available all over the world. This list is in no particular order, as each country offers its own advantages and specialties that may suit different business needs. 

Some may provide cost-effective solutions, while others bring language skills or niche market expertise to the table. Below is our curated list of the top 21 countries to hire remote talent in the sales industry:

1. Argentina

Argentina boasts a highly educated remote workforce with a strong command of both Spanish and English, making it a strategic choice for US businesses targeting a Spanish-speaking market or operating bilingually. 

2. India

India is particularly known for its strong tech industry and has emerged as a hub for IT and software sales roles. Its most significant benefit is cost efficiency, as labor costs can be very competitive thanks to the nation’s low living costs. 

3. Chile

Chile’s rapidly growing economy is placing it as one of the most stable and prosperous nations in South America. Government support for technology infrastructure has made it easy for remote workers to stay connected, and Chilean sales professionals are known for their strong work ethic. 

4. Romania

Romania’s outsourcing sector has expanded quickly, and there is a growing talent pool in sales. The country’s multilingual population—over 95% of high school students learn two or more foreign languages—is a major asset, as is its adaptability to various markets. 

5. Ecuador

Ecuador is an emerging market for remote talent in Latin America (LatAm). Its low cost of living can translate into more affordable labor costs, and recent investment in educational reforms and tech infrastructure has improved the workforce’s capabilities. 

6. Colombia

The Colombian remote workforce is well known for its high level of customer service, warmth, and friendliness, qualities that serve sales professionals very well. Its geographic and cultural ties to both North and South America make it a strategic choice for companies trying to broaden their footprint. 

7. Portugal

Portugal is known for its exceptional quality of life and friendly business environment, which attract high-level remote workers and digital nomads. The Portuguese workforce is well educated and possesses strong technical skills, with experienced sales professionals who bring innovative techniques. 

City: Mexico City, Mexico

8. Mexico

Mexico is a prime nearshoring location for US companies due to its geographic proximity, cultural affinity, and overlapping time zones. Its large, dynamic workforce and strong educational system create a solid base for technical sales personnel, especially in the automotive, manufacturing, and software industries. 

9. Panama

Panama’s strategic location as a logistical hub and its use of the US dollar as legal tender make it an attractive location for hiring remote sales talent. This country has a sound business infrastructure and a skilled workforce known best for customer-facing roles. 

10. Brazil

Brazil’s large, diverse population offers a vast pool of remote talent. Brazilian professionals often possess a charismatic and engaging approach, which can be effective in relationship-driven sales. The country’s economic diversity has also produced talent with experience in various sectors, from commodities to technology. 

11. Guatemala

Guatemala is a rising contender in the remote work landscape. Offering a cost-effective option with a growing number of well-educated, bilingual professionals, it is now a viable alternative for companies looking for remote sales talent. 

12. Canada

Canadian sales professionals are nearly identical to their US-based counterparts in terms of education, expertise, and experience. Well known for their professionalism and politeness, they are outstanding at forming quick relationships and putting clients at ease. 

13. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a valuable source of remote sales talent thanks in part to its political stability. The country is particularly appealing for US companies given its similar time zones and government investments in education and tech infrastructure. 

14. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a growing economy with increasing foreign investment. Its sales talent is known for being warm, personable, and service oriented, essential qualities for building customer relationships remotely. 

15. Peru

Though not a traditional outsourcing location, Peru’s reputation has steadily improved thanks to a skilled, cost-effective workforce. Peruvian sales professionals are often familiar with industries like mining, agriculture, and textiles and offer expertise in niches that are more difficult to fill with US-based workers. 

16. Philippines

The Philippines has a large English-speaking population and has become a global leader in the customer service and BPO (business process outsourcing) industries.

The country’s remote workforce is also known for its strong work ethic and customer-friendly approach, both key attributes for successful sales professionals. 

17. Spain

Spain presents an advantage for companies seeking sales professionals who can cater to both Spanish and other European markets due to its EU membership and multilingual population. 

The country’s commitment to higher education and continued investment in digital infrastructure ensure remote workers have the necessary skills and tools to succeed in remote sales roles. Spain also offers lower labor costs than other Western European countries.

18. Uruguay

Uruguay might be small, but it’s an emerging market for remote sales talent, particularly noted for its stable economy, high literacy rate, and investment in education and technology. 

With progressive laws and support for international business, Uruguay offers a reliable environment for remote employment. Flexible work arrangements are becoming more common, making it easier for companies to tap into Uruguay’s skilled, tech-savvy workforce.

19. Poland

Poland has a strong focus on higher education, especially in technical fields, which brings a level of technical literacy to its sales workforce that can be advantageous in tech-heavy industries. 

Polish workers are known for their strong work ethic and productivity, and the country’s geographical location makes it convenient for trade within the EU and with other markets.

20. Ireland

Ireland is well regarded for its skilled workforce, particularly in the technology, pharmaceuticals, and finance sectors. 

As an English-speaking country with a strong educational system, it has become a European hub for multinational corporations, offering a wealth of experienced sales professionals adept at dealing with diverse international markets.

21. South Africa

South Africa has a developed infrastructure, advanced connectivity, and experienced sales professionals. Additionally, its competitive labor rates can provide cost savings for businesses.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Countries To Hire Remote Sales Talent

While our list provides a starting point, selecting the right country for hiring remote sales talent requires careful evaluation of several factors. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a region to search in:

Language and cultural compatibility

Consider the primary languages spoken in the potential country and how they align with your customer base. Cultural compatibility can also significantly impact communication styles and customer interactions. 

Labor costs

Analyze the cost of labor in each country, which can vary widely. Cost savings are often a driving factor in hiring remote talent, but this should be balanced against quality and productivity. 

Time zones and working hours

Be aware of time zone differences, especially if you require overlapping working hours for collaboration. LatAm is a great option, given how similar its time zones are to the US. 

Legal and economic climate

The ease of doing business, employment laws, and economic stability can all impact the hiring process and ongoing management of remote teams. 

Internet infrastructure

Robust, reliable tech infrastructure is essential for successful remote collaboration. Evaluate the country’s internet coverage, digital tools, and resources for remote workers. 

Final Thoughts

Building a remote sales team can open doors to new markets, infuse your business strategy with fresh perspectives, and provide access to diverse, skilled professionals. The 21 countries listed above have an impressive talent pool, but the perfect fit will be different for every business. 

Some may prioritize cost, while others value specific market expertise or language skills above all else. The goal is to find the right fit for your company’s unique requirements and long-term vision. 

To learn more about optimizing your remote sales teams, check out our list of the best sales outsourcing companies of 2024. These companies can help you navigate international hiring and find a skilled, qualified candidate.

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