The 16 Best Countries To Hire Remote Accountants

Looking for expert accounting support? Explore our list of the 16 best countries to hire remote accountants, including Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

The 16 Best Countries To Hire Remote Accountants


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For many companies, finding qualified, experienced accountants can be a challenge. The local talent pool is often limited by impractical salary expectations or a lack of specialized expertise. 

Even remote candidates from the US can be hard to find or demand high compensation, which can be a significant issue for startups and small businesses with tighter budgets. 

However, with advances in technology and communication tools, it’s now easier than ever to hire remote accountants from all over the world.

This article will explore the advantages of hiring accountants in other countries, the skills you should prioritize when recruiting for this crucial role, and some tips for guiding your search. We’ve also created a list of the 16 best countries to hire remote accountants, with some details on what you can expect from each. 

Why Should You Hire a Remote Accountant Based in Another Country?

Hiring a remote accountant from another country presents several benefits for businesses needing to optimize their financial operations while keeping costs manageable. Here are some key advantages of hiring accountants outside the US:

Cost efficiency

One of the most compelling reasons to hire remote accountants from foreign countries is the potential for significant cost savings. Compensation expectations in countries with a lower cost of living can be much more favorable than those in the US.

For example, the average accountant salary in Latin America (LatAm) is $42,000, much lower than the average salary of $78,100 in the US. 

These lower salary expectations allow businesses—especially startups and small enterprises—to access skilled professionals at a fraction of the domestic price without compromising on the quality of work.

Access to a global talent pool

By expanding the search for accountants beyond the US, you can tap into a vast and diverse pool of candidates. This increases the likelihood of finding accountants with the right mix of skills, experience, and specialized expertise to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Cultural diversification

Diverse perspectives can contribute to business growth and innovation. Hiring international talent introduces a wide range of new cultural insights and practices, which can enhance problem-solving capabilities and create a more adaptable and creative workforce.

High qualification levels

Many countries around the world have rigorous accounting standards and produce highly trained professionals. In some cases, these qualifications may be comparable or even exceed those of US-based accountants, especially when they have international certifications such as ACCA or CIMA.

Language skills and local expertise

Remote accountants from other countries may offer their fluency in other languages, which can be a huge asset for companies looking to expand to or operate in international markets. They can also provide valuable insights into local business practices and regulations, aiding in navigating foreign markets.

Accounting team working together

What Skills Should You Look for When Hiring Remote Accountants?

When looking to hire remote accountants, it is crucial to identify specific skill sets and attributes that ensure they are capable of performing effectively despite the physical distance. 

Here is a list of essential skills to prioritize during your remote hiring process:

Strong technical accounting skills

An in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and procedures is non-negotiable. Depending on your business needs, look for accountants with a firm grounding in topics like:

  • Financial reporting
  • Tax preparation
  • Auditing
  • Budgeting

They should also know the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Proficiency in accounting software

Remote accountants should be adept at using your company’s accounting software and tools, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, or any industry-specific applications. Familiarity with cloud-based systems is also key, as these often facilitate remote accounting tasks.

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Accountants must analyze financial data, recognize patterns, and identify potential issues. They should also be critical thinkers with a knack for solving complex problems and helping the business make informed strategic decisions.

Effective communication skills

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is vital for remote workers. Look for candidates who can articulate financial concepts to stakeholders at all levels in an understandable way, whether verbally or in writing.

Attention to detail

Accuracy is critical in the accounting field. Your remote accountant should pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that financial records are precise and error-free, as accurate information is foundational for reliable financial insights and compliance.

16 Best Countries To Hire Remote Accountants

Here are 16 countries renowned for their pool of talented accountants who are well equipped to work remotely for US-based clients.

The list is in no particular order, as each country offers unique advantages when it comes to hiring remote accountants. Depending on your company’s specific needs, preferences, and budget, you may find one country to be a better fit over another. 

1. Brazil

Brazil’s growing economy and educational system have placed an emphasis on accounting and financial services, creating a corresponding rise in qualified accountants. Many professionals are fluent in both Portuguese and English, making them a great fit for multinational corporations. 

Additionally, Brazil’s time zones overlap with US business hours, which can facilitate real-time collaboration.

2. Peru

Peru is another emerging market with a solid education system that produces skilled accountants knowledgeable in both local and international accounting standards.

These accountants often offer competitive rates while maintaining high-quality professional standards. Given the country’s growing number of technology-adept professionals, Peruvian accountants can be a good match for businesses looking for remote workers who can easily adapt to different accounting systems.

3. Colombia

With a strategic time zone and a burgeoning pool of professional talent, Colombia offers a wealth of skilled accountants who are familiar with US GAAP. Colombian universities have rigorous accounting programs, and many professionals pursue additional certifications to enhance their credibility. 

4. Philippines

The Philippines has a strong tradition of excellence in accounting education, producing many CPAs. English proficiency is widespread due to the country’s American-influenced educational system, making communication with international businesses smooth, though impacted by the significant difference in time zones. 

5. India

India is an incredibly popular country for outsourcing professional services, including accounting. Indian accountants are known for their technical proficiency, understanding of various accounting principles, and adherence to quality control.

English is commonly used in professional settings, providing ease of communication, and Indian accounting professionals possess a strong work ethic. Coupled with competitive pricing, India is an attractive destination for hiring remote accounting talent.

A remote worker from Mexico focused working on her laptop

6. Mexico

Outsourcing to Mexico is a great nearshore option for hiring remote accountants due to its proximity to the US and the resulting negligible time zone differences. The country has a robust education system, particularly in business and finance, and there are many bilingual professionals fluent in both Spanish and English. 

Mexican accountants are known for their adaptability and understanding of local and US accounting standards, making them an excellent fit for companies operating in or expanding to the US market.

7. Kenya

Kenya is becoming an increasingly popular choice for hiring remote accountants, notably for businesses looking for English-speaking professionals. The country’s education system strongly focuses on commerce, with many universities offering internationally recognized accounting qualifications. 

8. Chile

Chile has a stable economic environment and has invested significantly in education, producing a workforce that is skilled and attuned to international business practices. 

The country’s strong economic ties with international markets mean that many accountants here have experience with various financial systems and cross-border transactions.

9. Argentina

Argentina boasts a high number of university-educated professionals, especially in the finance and accounting industry. With a strong European influence, many Argentine accountants are multilingual, offering services in Spanish, English, and sometimes Italian, among other languages. 

10. Romania

Romania, while perhaps more recognized in the IT sector, is also home to a significant number of accounting professionals who offer a high standard of services. Benefiting from a good education system, Romanian accountants often possess a deep understanding of both local and international accounting practices.

11. Ukraine

Ukraine has become an attractive destination for various outsourcing services thanks to its citizens’ strong educational background in mathematics and finance.

Many Ukranian accountants speak English, and the country’s IT infrastructure is competent, enabling seamless remote access to the latest accounting software and cloud-based tools.

12. Pakistan

A well-informed workforce accustomed to working with international clients supports Pakistan’s burgeoning market for accounting outsourcing. Pakistani accountants can provide cost-effective services without sacrificing the quality of work, an excellent option for businesses needing a low-cost solution.

13. Vietnam

Vietnam is increasingly recognized for its skilled workforce, with many accountants offering services to global clients. English language skills have improved significantly, and the Vietnamese work culture is celebrated for its diligence and attention to detail, qualities particularly valuable in accounting.

14. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is strategically positioned for US-based companies due to its shared time zones and growing professional talent pool. The country strongly emphasizes education, producing accountants who are not only well versed in local regulations but also knowledgeable about US GAAP and IFRS where applicable.

15. Poland

Poland offers a highly educated workforce, with many financial professionals fluent in English and other European languages. Polish accountants are typically well trained in European Union accounting standards and IFRS, making them suitable candidates for businesses operating within or in partnership with European markets. 

16. South Africa

South Africa is an excellent source of skilled professionals who can effectively serve international businesses. The country has a strong regulatory framework for accounting, auditing, and financial management, producing accountants with up-to-date knowledge and practices. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Country To Hire Remote Accountants

When deciding on the best country to hire remote accountants from, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Time zone differences: Look for time zone overlaps for real-time interactions or remote team collaboration.
  • Travel proximity: If in-person meetings are necessary, consider ease and cost of travel.
  • Cultural affinity: Ensure a good cultural fit for seamless integration and understanding of work ethics and business practices.
  • Accounting standards: Choose accountants familiar with the regulatory and compliance standards relevant to your business.
  • Technical infrastructure: Verify reliable technical and internet infrastructure for consistent communication.
  • Economic and political stability: Seek countries with a stable environment to ensure reliable and uninterrupted services.

Hiring remote accountants from LatAm countries checks several boxes, providing high-quality accounting services without significant time difference challenges or high overhead costs.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a remote workforce for your accounting needs can offer a wealth of benefits, from cost savings to access to a broader talent pool. By carefully considering the factors listed above, you can find remote workers who meet your accounting needs and align with your company’s operational dynamics.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of hiring remote accountants to handle your finance functions, see our guide on accounting outsourcing to learn which accounting services you can outsource and other tips on implementing this approach.

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