Best nearshore hiring companies

15 of the Best Nearshore Hiring Companies for Finding Top Remote Talent

Simplify your nearshore hiring with 15 companies that can help you find top remote talent in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

15 of the Best Nearshore Hiring Companies for Finding Top Remote Talent


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Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are producing a new wave of talented professionals, particularly in technology and software development. Nearshore hiring companies specialize in connecting you with this remote talent.

However, not every company can provide the same level of quality and service. 

Some may cater to start-ups, while others service enterprise-level clients. To help you find the right nearshoring partner for your organization, we’ve created a list of the best 15 nearshore outsourcing companies that cover a range of needs and preferences. 

Before digging in, let’s explore the purpose and benefits of nearshore hiring to determine if it’s the right option for you. 

What Is Nearshore Hiring?

Nearshore hiring, often used interchangeably with “nearshore outsourcing,” refers to contracting or employing remote workers from a nearby country or region. 

While the terms are similar, “nearshore hiring” typically implies that the remote workers will engage in a more integrated, collaborative working relationship with your team. Nearshore outsourcing, on the other hand, suggests a more detached, transactional dynamic.

In nearshore hiring, the professionals hired are often considered an extension of the local team despite the physical distance between them and the business. They actively participate in the company’s daily activities, meetings, and projects. 

For example, a US start-up decides to nearshore mobile app development to Argentina and hires a dedicated team of nearshore developers. 

These developers are in constant communication with the in-house team, use the same project management tools, and participate in sprint planning and retrospectives as if they were located in the US office.

For a more detailed exploration of nearshoring and how it can encompass several different working arrangements, check out our full guide

What Are the Benefits of Partnering With a Company To Hire Nearshore Remote Talent?

Here are some of the key advantages you’ll receive when you partner with a company to hire nearshore remote talent:

Cost efficiency

Nearshore hiring can be more cost effective than employing full-time, on-site staff. You can benefit from overhead cost savings such as office space, equipment, and utilities while potentially benefiting from lower labor costs in the nearshore location.

Access to specialized talent

Nearshoring partners give you access to a larger talent pool of highly skilled candidates who might be scarce or too expensive in your local market. This expands your talent acquisition capabilities without sacrificing quality.

Agility and scalability

Partnering with a nearshore company allows you to quickly scale your team up or down based on your current needs without significant long-term commitments or delays often associated with hiring full-time, on-premise staff.

Reduced risk

Nearshore hiring companies typically have established processes for vetting and recruiting talent, ensuring that you hire qualified professionals. Furthermore, since they handle the administrative and legal aspects of employing international remote workers, they reduce the risk for your company.

Enhanced focus on core business functions

By shifting the recruitment and administrative burden to a nearshore partner, your business can focus on core activities and strategic initiatives instead of getting sidetracked by the complexities of hiring and managing remote teams.

Employer checking documents a nearshore talent prepared

15 Companies That Can Help You Hire Nearshore Talent

No matter the role, project, or size of your company, finding the right talent is critical for success. 

When looking to build or extend your team, these 15 nearshore hiring companies offer a robust blend of skill sets, cultural alignment, and business acumen.

The list includes (in no particular order) companies that help hire talent specifically in Latin America (LatAm) and those with a more global footprint that can also connect you with a nearshore talent pool. 

1. Near

That’s right, we’re putting ourselves at the top of the list. Near offers multiple ways to hire nearshore talent and can even help you expand into LatAm with on-the-ground support staff. 

Our staffing model helps companies source, interview, and onboard English-speaking talent to hire and retain full teams. If you need a specific niche hire, we’ll be your end-to-end recruiting team to find the perfect nearshore candidate. 

For instance, Bonfire has been saving $53,000 on annual overhead since partnering with Near to find a user experience (UX) engineer with a very specific set of technical skills. 

2. Andela

Andela is a global talent network that helps companies build remote engineering teams. The company initially focused on Africa but has since expanded to hire top software developers from all over the world, including LatAm. 

Andela’s rigorous vetting process ensures that you get access to high-quality nearshore candidates who are well versed in the latest technologies and have strong communication skills.

3. BairesDev

BairesDev prides itself on hiring the top 1% of tech talent in LatAm. With a focus on rigorous screening and selection, BairesDev provides highly skilled professionals for all kinds of tech projects. 

It caters to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, and covers a wide range of technology stacks. Its suite of services includes software development, IT consulting, and more.

4. Crossover

Crossover connects companies with the best talent worldwide, offering high-paying remote jobs for top professionals. While not exclusively focused on Latin America, Crossover does provide access to a global talent pool, making it possible for companies to find the nearshore experts they need. 

Its unique selling proposition is helping to fill full-time, long-term roles with a stringent vetting process to ensure it matches companies with only the most skilled professionals.

5. Scio

Based in Mexico, Scio operates with a nearshore outsourcing model specifically designed to serve US markets. This company specializes in custom software development, offering flexible and collaborative approaches tailored to clients’ needs. 

With an emphasis on long-term relationships, Scio provides talent across various tech fields, including software engineering, mobile development, and cloud services.


TECLA is a hiring marketplace connecting companies with top remote software developers and engineers across Latin America. It focuses on enhancing cultural fit and communication by matching developers from the same or similar time zones as the hiring company. 

7. CodersLink

CodersLink is a company that helps businesses connect with tech talent in Latin America. It specializes in building remote and on-site teams by assisting in the direct hiring of nearshore developers, engineers, and other tech professionals. 

The CodersLink team manages the remote hiring process from sourcing to screening, providing a pipeline of vetted candidates who match your company’s technical needs and culture. 

8. iTexico

iTexico is a nearshore technology services company that helps businesses deploy dedicated software development teams. With a presence in Mexico, it provides a nearshore extension for talent hiring, focusing especially on technology and software development roles.

9. Jobsity

Jobsity provides highly talented developers who can join clients’ teams as integrated members. This approach allows companies to hire nearshore talent that can seamlessly blend with their existing in-house teams and function as full-time employees.

10. Workana

Workana is a freelance platform that connects businesses with independent contractors from LatAm. A significant portion of its network comprises professionals in creative fields, marketing, writing, design, and other non-technical areas. 

Companies can use Workana to find and hire remote workers even with a limited budget. 

Nearshore talent in front of her laptop, on a call

11. Torre

Torre connects companies with professionals from various fields, including design, marketing, business management, and more. The platform employs a mix of AI and a unique matching system to recommend the most qualified candidates for your needs, facilitating effective and efficient hiring.

12. Belatrix

Belatrix, now a part of Globant, focuses on building dedicated teams for client companies. It provides talent solutions that extend beyond the realm of traditional outsourcing by allowing companies to hire nearshore professionals who can work as integrated members of their teams. 

13. SheWorks!

SheWorks! is an innovative platform connecting companies with a global network of talented women in various professional fields. By using SheWorks!, companies can directly hire talented women with the specific skills and expertise they need, helping to create more diverse and dynamic teams.

14. Vates

Vates is a company providing nearshore and offshore staffing solutions. Its staff augmentation services are designed to help companies directly hire the expertise they require, whether for short- or long-term projects. 

15. Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3)

Strategic Staffing Solutions, or S3, is a global IT consulting and staff augmentation firm. It provides a range of services, from contract staffing to direct hire, with a broad reach that includes LatAm. S3’s model supports companies in leveraging a nearshore talent pool to fill specific roles.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a start-up looking to scale quickly or an established enterprise seeking to bolster your team with specialized skill sets, the companies listed above provide a diverse range of options to meet your unique needs.

Ready to explore the benefits of nearshoring for your business? Book a no-commitment consultation call with our team at Near. Our experts are on hand to provide advice and the optimal nearshore solution for your team.

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