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Guide to nearshoring IT solutions from Mexico

Nearshore IT Solutions From Mexico: The Complete Guide

Explore the benefits of nearshore IT solutions from Mexico for businesses seeking a competitive edge, cost efficiency, and skilled talent.

Nearshore IT Solutions From Mexico: The Complete Guide


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The number of software developers worldwide continues to increase but sourcing tech talent from across the globe may not always be practical given the cultural, geographical, and language challenges that can arise. For companies in the US and Canada, Mexico offers a perfect blend of proximity, talent, and convenience.

From cultural similarities to cost-effectiveness, we will uncover why Mexico has become the go-to destination for nearshore IT solutions. We will also give you a list of companies you could partner with to find the best IT talent to work with.

The national flag of Mexico
The National Flag of Mexico

What Makes Mexico the Best Place for Nearshore IT Solutions?

Due to places like the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico has become a hub for software development and engineering talent. The government has heavily invested in technology education and infrastructure, aiming to develop a strong tech industry. 

One of the significant catalysts for Mexico’s burgeoning tech scene is the development of tech parks. These spaces foster innovation by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and incubator-like environments that support start-ups and established tech companies alike. 

Parks such as Guadalajara’s Software Center, Apodaca Technology Park, and Monterrey Technology Park are buzzing with activity, attracting international investment and talent. (Guadalajara is considered by some to be Mexico’s Silicon Valley.)

These tech parks are not just workspaces but powerful symbols of Mexico’s commitment to becoming a global tech powerhouse. 

And it’s working, with Mexico’s thriving tech industry continuing to attract foreign investments. In 2023, Taiwanese company Quanta Computer announced a $1 billion investment in the Nuevo Leon region, while Tesla revealed plans for a $5 billion factory in Monterrey.

Here’s why Mexico is becoming the best nearshore location for outsourcing your IT solutions:

Similar work culture

Mexican work culture closely aligns with the US, making it an attractive nearshoring destination. Mexicans take pride in their work and respect deadlines and goals like their northern counterparts.

Moreover, they share a similar business etiquette. In Mexico, business relationships are built on personal trust, just as in the United States. This makes it easier for US managers to establish and maintain productive relationships with Mexican IT service providers. 

Advanced English levels

For a long time, English fluency limited Mexico’s potential as a leading outsourcing destination. But now, English is commonly taught in Mexican schools, especially private schools that provide high-quality education. 

Universities and colleges also offer courses in English to prepare students for the global job market. For instance, the Universidad Tecnologica el Retoño is the country’s first bilingual public university, teaching many subjects in English. This has resulted in a high level of English proficiency among young professionals in Mexico. 

Having a workforce that can communicate efficiently in English alleviates language barrier issues, often a problem when outsourcing to countries where English is not as widely spoken.

Large pool of IT talent

Mexico has seen a surge in technology-focused courses at the university level, partly due to government support and a push toward turning the country into a global IT leader. 

Each year, thousands of graduates with degrees in computer science, software engineering, and other IT-related fields enter the job market. This constant flow of talent ensures that you can find professionals with the necessary skills and expertise.

Lower salaries

While the cost of living in Mexico has steadily risen, it remains lower than in the US. This means Mexican IT professionals have lower salary expectations than their US-based peers, making Mexico a cost-effective option for IT outsourcing. 

In most roles, Mexico offers 30–60% potential savings over US salaries while still providing top-notch service and expertise.

However, the savings potential depends on where you are hiring from, as candidates from major cities like Mexico City (one of the most expensive cities in Latin America) will have higher living costs, resulting in higher salary expectations. 

Time zone overlaps

Mexico operates in the same time zones as large parts of the rest of North America—most of Mexico is on CST with smaller parts on MST and PST— meaning companies planning to outsource their IT operations can communicate with their service provider in real time during normal US business hours. 

This is a significant advantage, allowing for:

  • Real-time communication: Immediate responses to queries or issues that may arise during a project, preventing misunderstandings and delays.
  • Easy collaboration: Close-knit collaboration between teams as there is the potential for face-to-face meetings or video conferencing during business hours. 
  • Streamlined project management: With matching working hours, projects can be managed and tracked more effectively. Decisions can be made promptly, and adjustments can be implemented faster.

Choosing a nearshore IT provider in Mexico can help companies with the challenging logistical and practical aspects of technology adoption, offering a smooth transition with minimal cultural and communication barriers to overcome. 

Remote tech talent working on her project

What Kinds of IT Services Are Best Outsourced to Mexico?

Mexico has positioned itself as a hotbed for IT services for US companies due to its geographical proximity, skilled workforce, favorable time zones, and lower operational costs. But what specific IT services does Mexico excel in providing? 

Here are some IT services we think you should consider outsourcing to Mexico: 

Front-end and back-end development

Mexican developers have earned a reputation for their proficiency in various programming languages, such as Java, Python, .NET, PHP, and JavaScript, which are crucial for front and back-end development. 

The country’s robust programming education has enabled its professionals to be able to create secure, scalable, and efficient code across various projects, from web development and mobile app creation to complex software product development.


  • Software engineers
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • JavaScript developers


These professionals are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying software applications or websites. This often includes creating user interfaces, writing business logic, integrating with databases or external services, and optimizing performance. With talented Mexican developers to fill all of these roles it’s easy to put together a nearshore software development team. 

IT support

IT support services are plentiful in Mexico, providing everything from network maintenance to technical troubleshooting. Mexican IT support teams can handle a wide range of issues, ensuring that your business’s operations run smoothly. 

The advantage of outsourcing IT support to Mexico, especially compared to other countries, is the ability to provide support during US working hours due to overlapping time zones with the rest of North America and bilingual (English and Spanish) support, ensuring prompt resolutions.


  • IT support specialists
  • Desktop support technicians
  • IT analysts
  • Systems administrators
  • Network administrators


These specialists are responsible for helping end-users and businesses troubleshoot and solve software, hardware, and networking issues. They may also help in installing, maintaining, or upgrading systems.


DevOps and system administration roles are increasingly being outsourced to Mexico. These professionals are critical in speeding up software delivery processes and ensuring system uptime. 

They collaborate closely with development teams, manage deployment automation, and ensure infrastructure security and scalability.



DevOps professionals often work to create and maintain IT infrastructure, develop system scripts, and manage software deployment. They may also be involved in system troubleshooting, server management, automation, and ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT environment.

IT management

IT management services are essential for strategizing and overseeing the IT needs of a business. 

The professionals in Mexico have the technical know-how and leadership skills to manage resources, ensure IT strategic alignment with business goals, supervise IT projects, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.


  • IT project managers
  • IT directors
  • Chief technology officers (CTOs)
  • IT consultants


IT management professionals oversee and direct the IT operations of an organization. This often includes creating and implementing strategies, managing budgets, ensuring security, supervising projects, and ensuring IT systems align with business needs.

IT manager and tech team gathered at a table

UX/UI design

Mexican designers are well-versed in creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces, applying the latest design trends and principles. They work closely with project stakeholders to develop solutions tailored to end-user needs and business objectives.

Their proficiency in this field can enhance user satisfaction, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.



Designers are typically responsible for creating interactive platforms, testing user interfaces, optimizing user experience, and aligning the overall look and feel with the brand’s identity.

Quality assurance (QA)

QA is vital in software development to ensure the final product is defect-free and meets the intended requirements. Mexico has a pool of experienced QA professionals specializing in manual and automated testing, performance testing, and other aspects of software quality assurance. 


  • QA analysts
  • QA engineers
  • Testers
  • Test managers


QA professionals ensure that the software products or applications function as expected. They develop testing strategies, create test cases, conduct manual and automated testing, log defects, and work with developers to fix issues.

What Are the Best Companies To Partner With for Nearshore IT Solutions From Mexico?

With IT outsourcing now so widespread, several firms have grown to offer excellent services, standing out due to their expertise, high-quality work, and client satisfaction.

Here are some of the most reputed companies—in no particular order—to consider partnering with for nearshore outsourcing your IT functions to Mexico:

Near homepage


Our team at Near helps US businesses connect with Latin American talent for a wide range of IT services. We are proud of our rigorous selection process, which ensures you hire professionals with the right skills and experience. We pre-vet all of our candidates and take the time to understand your unique requirements to ensure we match you with talent that will be a perfect fit.

We are particularly strong in supporting start-ups or companies that need to scale quickly. 

With a free interview process and access to a massive talent pool in Mexico, Near provides a comprehensive solution for companies’ IT staffing needs.

We usually fill open positions within 21 days and can facilitate hiring, onboarding, paying, and even retaining your IT talent. 

Even beyond IT, Near can fill roles in:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Product design
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

This means you can partner with one nearshoring company for all your talent acquisition needs. 


BairesDev is a software outsourcing company primarily serving the North American market. It’s known for its “Top 1% IT Talent” approach—they strictly select only the top 1% of applicants based on technical skills, English proficiency, and problem-solving capabilities. 

They deliver end-to-end technology solutions, from software development and testing to project management and IT support. 

The company strongly emphasizes adaptive leadership and agile methods, believing every project needs a unique approach. BairesDev works across multiple industries, such as healthcare, finance, and retail. 


Capgemini boasts a wealth of knowledge and resources as one of the largest IT consulting firms worldwide. In Mexico, Capgemini has established several excellence centers focused on specific technologies and sectors. 

With a workforce of thousands, they deliver various services such as strategic consulting, digital innovation, and IT operations management.

Industries served include automotive, energy, financial services, healthcare, and government. Their notable clients include Airbus, McDonald’s, and Metro Bank, reflecting their prowess in quality and delivery.


Established in 1982, Softtek is Latin America’s largest private IT service provider. Sometimes called the founder of nearshoring, Softtek pioneered software outsourcing within proximity. 

They offer many services, including IT consulting, application software development, and business process outsourcing. 

Softtek’s alliances with tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, and SAP allow them to offer up-to-date solutions, implementing best practices and the latest technologies.


Perficient is a leading digital transformation consulting firm serving global enterprise clientele. Although headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perficient has nearshore delivery centers in Mexico, offering high-tech engineering services, custom software development, business intelligence/data warehousing, and more. 

They are known for their collaborative and agile project approach, ensuring that each product developed brings significant business value to their clients. Perficient thrives on its diverse industry expertise, providing financial, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications services.


Telvista, with its Mexican roots, is a specialist in providing contact center solutions with flexible and customizable services. Along with customer interaction, they provide other solutions, including help desk, HR, and workforce management. 

Their cost-effective and high-quality bilingual services make them a popular choice for companies in the rest of North America that want to outsource their technical support. A commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology ensures reliable and secure solutions. 

Teravision Technologies

Teravision Technologies, based in Mexico, offers on-demand nearshore software development. The company has a 15+ year track record, maintaining high-quality standards and delivering an excellent customer experience. 

Their specialization in agile methodologies ensures that projects are completed quickly and efficiently while keeping clients involved in every step. 

Teravision Technologies is known for its expertise in mobile app development, game development, and MVP development, providing a diverse offering depending on the client’s needs. 

Final Thoughts

The potential benefits of nearshore outsourcing to Mexico are vast. Businesses can gain a competitive edge by leveraging Mexico’s burgeoning tech talent, having little to no time difference, and capitalizing on cost savings. 

However, successful nearshoring requires the correct strategic approach. Choose a trusted provider and ensure clear communication, proper management, and regular feedback to nurture a successful partnership. 

If you’re still unsure, the proof lies in real-world success stories. Consider the case of Delve, a digital consulting firm. They faced the challenge of finding the right talent. 

With help from Near, they filled the positions they needed to grow and did so smoothly and cost-effectively, saving $500,000 in annual salary commitments.

Explore the in-depth case study on Delve for a real-world example of successful nearshoring to Latin America. Learn more about their challenges, solutions, and eventual triumphs—it might inspire your next strategic decision! 

Whether you’re a start-up looking for skilled development, or an established firm seeking digital transformation, nearshore IT solutions from Mexico offer a viable, valuable option. Don’t miss out on the potential for scalable growth, cost efficiency, and robust IT solutions that can transform your business beyond borders. 

Fill out this form today to get a list of pre-vetted candidates you can interview for free. 

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