Hiring LatAm Developers

Where To Hire: Latin American Developers

Looking to hire Latin American developers? Find out how to build the best software development remote teams with talent from LatAm.

Where To Hire: Latin American Developers


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With a track record of excellence, a booming tech industry, and a strong focus on employee satisfaction, Latin America has become a hotspot for sourcing software developers.

In this article, we'll examine why hiring Latin American software developers can be a game-changer for your business and explore the LatAm countries renowned for their top-tier talent.

We provide a comprehensive guide on successfully hiring nearshore developers from Latin America, from identifying your needs and budget to conducting interviews and onboarding seamlessly—keep reading below!

Why Do Top Companies Hire Latin American Software Developers?

To meet the high demand for tech talent, companies everywhere, from startups to industry giants, are hiring software developers from Latin America to gain a competitive advantage.

Why? For starters, the tech industry in Latin America has been growing rapidly, with a significant increase in demand for software engineering roles. There has been a 156% rise in businesses seeking to hire in the region.

Moreover, the 2022 Deloitte survey on global outsourcing shows that 87% of IT companies plan to use nearshore software development to help cost savings.

Below, we explore the main reasons why countless organizations turn to LatAm talent for their software development needs:

LatAm Developer on her computer coding

Top-ranked talent

Latin American developers are known for exceptional programming tech stacks and software development expertise. Their proficiency as service providers with technological frameworks and fluent English levels make them valuable assets to any tech project.

Excellent workplace satisfaction

Latin American developers are also known for their high job satisfaction levels, which correlate with increased productivity and quality of work. As a result, Latin American developers are often credited for actively contributing to the success of their projects, being part of integrated teams.

Larger talent pool

The increase of highly skilled software developers has been the driving force behind the expansion of the tech industry in Latin America. This has resulted in a sizable talent pool of reliable technical talent, allowing companies to find the perfect fit for their projects.

Similar time zones

Collaborating across time zones can often be challenging. Fortunately, Latin America's proximity to North American time zones makes communication easier and allows for more efficient real-time collaboration.

The Top Countries In Latin America To Hire Software Developers

In recent years, Latin American countries have become significant tech hubs with some of the best software developers on the market.

According to Statista, in 2022 alone, Brazil was home to an estimated 500,000 skilled developers engaged in offshore development activities. The same year, Mexico had around 225,000 dedicated software developers, while Argentina contributed to the pool of LatAm developers with over 100,000 professionals.

But in which country should you focus your recruiting efforts? Below are the top seven LatAm countries for nearshoring software developers:


Argentina stands out with its vibrant startup ecosystem and a notable emphasis on open-source technologies. This combination cultivates a diverse talent pool with highly skilled Argentine software developers, positioning the country as a prime destination for sourcing top-tier technical expertise.


Brazil is a top tech hub with many remote developers and IT companies. Its high employee retention rates make it an excellent option for long-term project contracts for US-based companies, unlike countries like China or India. As a result, Brazilian developers deliver quality work for a competitive price.


Mexico's growing tech industry, combined with the country's proximity to US time zones, makes it an ideal choice for companies in North America aiming to optimize efficiency and access top-tier software development expertise.


Chile's highly educated workforce contributes to its growing tech industry, specializing in software development for the financial and healthcare sectors. Their expertise in developing secure and efficient software solutions in remote environments is essential in streamlining business and consumer operations.


Colombia's tech industry is flourishing, primarily focusing on software development that caters to companies in sectors such as finance and healthcare. They have an ample supply of mobile developers to support the global trend of smartphone usage, as there are currently 6.92 billion smartphone users worldwide.


Although small, Uruguay is home to a workforce with excellent soft skills and a growing startup ecosystem focusing on finance, healthcare, and software development. Their growth rate is a testament to remote working environments seeking talented developers while sticking to a tight budget.

Costa Rica

A highly educated workforce and a growing tech sector make Costa Rica a rising hub for software development, with a strong emphasis on nearshore outsourcing. Like Mexico, Costa Rica's geographical proximity to the United States makes it an ideal partner for US-based companies seeking timely and efficient collaboration.

How To Hire LatAm Developers?

Below, we uncover everything you need to know about the hiring process for quality software developers from Latin America—from budgeting all the way to onboarding:

A team of Latin American Developers

Identify your requirements and budget

Start your process by taking the time to distinctly outline the exact needs of your project and establish a clear budget. This initial step is essential as it enables you to efficiently narrow your search, ensuring you find the most suitable candidates.

Research reputable platforms

Platforms like Near, TECLA, Revelo, and Blue Coding can connect you with top Latin American talent. Near, for instance, offers unique advantages in the market with our expertise in LatAm recruiting and hiring, enabling you to fill open positions in under 21 days.

Post your job

Create an engaging job description that accurately represents the role, enticing the suitable candidates with clear responsibilities and the value your project brings. Still trying to figure out where to start? Check out our article "The Ultimate Guide to Job Descriptions for Remote Talent."

Review and shortlist candidates

Take your time to carefully assess applicants, considering their skills, experience, and how well they would fit into your team's dynamic. While skills and experience are crucial, the right personality fit is just as essential.

Conduct interviews

Interviews are vital for understanding candidates' qualifications, problem-solving and communication skills, and interpersonal dynamics—aspects that might be difficult to understand just by looking at their resumes. Explore our "15 Best Interview Questions to Ask Remote Workers" guide to learn how you can assess candidates effectively.

Check references

Trust your candidates, yet verify the facts! Validate their credentials through references to ensure they fit your open position and overall company culture.

Make an offer

Finding the right person is only half the battle. You need to craft an irresistible offer is necessary to win them over. Moreover, communication during this stage is vital, setting the tone for a positive start to your professional relationship. Read our article "Making a Good Job Offer: Acquiring and Retaining Top Talent" for more tips and tricks.

Onboard and integrate

Set clear expectations, be there on time, and offer the support they need to fully integrate into your existing teams. Learn how you can seamlessly onboard your new team member using the strategies outlined in "6 Best Practices for Your New Virtual Onboarding Process."

Final Thoughts: Hiring Latin American Developers

The truth is that so many skilled and innovative LatAm developers are just waiting to be discovered. By hiring from this region, your company can tap into some of the best talent and contribute to a truly diverse and collaborative workforce.

Summing up the discussion, here's a quick overview of why industry leaders are turning to Latin American developers:

  • The booming tech industry in Latin America has led to an abundance of skilled professionals.
  • These qualified developers excel in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.
  • Proximity to North American time zones facilitates seamless communication and real-time collaboration.

If you want to learn more about how you can hire foreign remote workers for your business, fill out this form. Work with Near to unlock the potential of Latin American software developers for your company's growth!

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